Updated: May 12, 2023

15 Best Brand Merch Products: #1 List in 2023

You found our list of the best brand merch.

Brand merch is customizable merchandise that lets companies add their logo or corporate branding. Examples of brand merch include Yeti tumblers, Apple iPads, and Ray-Ban sunglasses. The purpose of brand merch is to emblazon items with your company, logo, or brand to hand out to workers or clients, to build brand recognition or loyalty.

Brand merch makes great deluxe swag to use for business gifting ideas for clients and employees and to present as corporate holiday gifts. Adding these premier items expands your swag bag ideas for events by including lavish options for special occasions.

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List of best brand merch

Whether you are looking for thoughtful thank-you gifts for your team or congratulating a client on hitting special milestones, here are some brand options to take your merch collection to new heights.

1. Yeti Rambler 18-Ounce Hot Shot Bottle

You can help clients and colleagues stay hydrated by gifting them Yeti Rambler Hot Shot Bottles. These generous vessels hold 18 ounces of hot or cold liquid, providing temperature control for dependable refreshment. The insulated and leakproof Hotshot Cap allows comfortable sipping no matter what side you choose. You can select from eight vibrant colors and add your name or brand logo to the front, back, or both. Laser engraving reveals shining stainless steel for an impression that stays put even in the dishwasher.

Yeti is a top name in the drinkware industry, providing superior flasks that make portable hydration an easy prospect. The company charges $6 per side to add your branding, which takes the form of your custom image as well as monograms, text, and a gallery of options provided on the site. Orders over $20 qualify for free shipping.

Learn more about the Yeti Rambler 18-Ounce Hot Shot Bottle.

2. Apple iPad Mini

Having personal Apple iPad Minis can help your team members stay more organized and better informed, not to mention supremely entertained! These top-of-the-line tablets inspire users in creative and enterprising directions with every use. For milestone moments such as workplace anniversaries and pinnacle achievements, having iPad Minis on hand in your swag stash will give your gifting skills a new glow.

With devices that integrate seamlessly into daily activity, Apple helps thinkers unlock their hidden potential. Branded iPad Minis let you offer a powerful tool that reminds recipients that your company is on the cutting edge. When you order through Elite Promo, you can choose up to four colors and select the color of your tablets.

Learn more about the Apple iPad Mini.

3. Fitbit Inspire HR Activity Tracker

To encourage your team to new levels of health and wellness, shop for Fitbit Inspire HR Activity trackers. The slim profile and stylish black face and band complement an array of personal styles. Users can track their their steps, sleep stages, heart rate, and calorie burning throughout the day. With up to five days of activity from a single charge, this attractive tech accessory does the heavy lifting while the wearer lifts heavy, runs far, and achieves their fitness goals. The software even celebrates user achievements for an extra blast of inspiration.

Fitbit combines high-tech biometrics tracking and elegant wearability in a selection of sleek designs. For organizations where wellness is a core value, Fitbit trackers are noteworthy items that give swag an element of usefulness. Companies who order branded trackers from Elite Promo Inc. receive free set-up, shipping, and one-color logo printing on every piece.

Learn more about the Fitbit Inspire HR Activity Tracker.

4. Moleskin Hard-Covered Medium Ruled Notebook

Taking notes by hand is more appealing in a Moleskin Hard-Covered Medium Ruled Notebook. This 5″ x 7″ journal features a textured cover and elastic band that keeps the pages tightly bound when not in use. With a flat spine and an attached ribbon placeholder, users can get comfortable while jotting down important thoughts. Cream-colored paper with soft beige lines on each page minimizes visual fatigue from bleached white paper. With 208 acid-free pages ready to travel at a moment’s notice, brand merchandise ideas like this make keeping up with the daily grind a more enjoyable task.

Moleskine is the notebook of choice for creatives and analytic minds in many industries. Threadfellows will add your logo in either color printing, debossing, or foil stamp to bring a touch of style to the covers. You can choose from black, navy blue, and slate gray covers as a background for your branding.

Learn more about the Moleskin Hard-Covered Medium Ruled Notebook.

5. Under Armour Hustle Pullover Hoodie

Under Armour Hustle Pullover Hoodie tops the list of the best merch shirts with built-in brand recognition. Quick-drying polyester-cotton blend wicks sweat, while the brushed interior keeps the wearer warm. Classic hoodie styling includes handwarmer pockets and drawstrings that will not block or warp your branding. These comfortable pullover-style sweatshirts make the perfect vehicle for your corporate icon or marketing message.

Through Custom Ink, you can apply your design to the front of these contemporary hooded sweatshirts. Gray or white hoodies feature screen printing in black ink, while black, mid-navy, royal blue, or red fabric features white ink only. Shirt sizes range from small to 4XL, with a sizing guide available on the website to ensure a proper fit for each order.

Learn more about the Under Armour Hustle Pullover Hoodie.

6. Apple Air Pods

The best merchandise giveaways include Apple Air Pods in the swag mix! These wearable mini-speakers provide quality sound while making cumbersome earbud wires a problem of the past. Team members will appreciate listening to their favorite tunes or podcasts while moving freely about their workspaces. Your trade show table, convention kiosk, or seminar sign-in station takes on a modern sheen when you stock them with the latest audio tech for your visitors to enjoy.

Apple is a leader in the wearable gadget space, and their innovations in wireless listening make Air Pods branded swag your team will love. As sold through iPromo, authentic Apple Air Pods come in a classic white charging case that provides space up front for your printed logo. You can select the generation to suit your recipients’ devices, with a five-piece minimum for each category.

Learn more about Apple Air Pods.

7. Eddie Bauer Woodland Blanket

When it comes to keeping cozy, Eddie Bauer is one brand name that inspires thoughts of comfort. You can spread soothing vibes to your customers and workers with personalized, insulated fleece blankets. Available in black, navy, and gray, these throws measure 50″ x 60″ for generous snuggling indoors or outdoors. The Eddie Bauer logo in the lower-right corner indicates the company’s reputation for world-class craftsmanship. These brandable blankets are great for camping or cuddling around the fireplace.

Eddie Bauer is an apparel and home goods company that keeps quality top of mind. By ordering quilted blankets through DGW Branded, you can upgrade your swag with an embroidered version of your logo on the front. If you have ideas for additional emblems, then you can include other embroidered images to each blanket for an extra charge.

Learn more about the Eddie Bauer Woodland Blanket.

8. Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Balls

You can tee off next to key associates with customized golf balls from Callaway. The company offers deluxe Chrome Soft X Golf Balls as a palette for your striking logo. You can serve made-to-order sports swag during meetings on the greens and at events where friendly competition tops the agenda. Chrome Soft X balls are tour performance quality, providing golfers with a soft feel experience for driving and putting. In addition to sharing your corporate branding, this exceptional swag may also improve your recipient’s golf game!

Callaway is a leader in performance golf clubs and supplies, elevating the game for over 40 years. Adding their products to your branded merchandise ideas gives you an edge when sharing swag with link-loving workers and customers. Your logo goes next to the Callaway name on every ball for a shared branding experience.

Learn more about the Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Balls.

9. Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge Glass

Raising a toast to workplace successes is classier with Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge Glasses on hand. This ultra-modern square whiskey glass receives an extra shot of contemporary flair in the form of a silicone wedge ice mold. When inserted in a glass filled with water and left in the freezer, the wedge creates an angled ice layer for your whiskey of choice to chill against. The result is a visually stunning conversation piece that will have clients and colleagues talking as much as sipping.

Corkcicle brings new ideas to drinkware and temperature-controlled storage for food and beverages. The Whiskey Wedge Glass is a noteworthy piece in an expansive collection of clever items. Additionally, the company provides a variety of branding options with specific charges for each. Shoppers can choose from single monograms, icons, and text for $8 or icon-monogram combinations for $10.

Learn more about the Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge Glass.

10. JBL GO 2 Bluetooth Speaker

Personalized JBL GO 2 Bluetooth speakers let you turn up the volume on your brand merch options. These powerful, waterproof gadgets offer five hours of clear wireless sound to power pool parties, beach days, and impromptu dance breaks around the office. The spacious front grill provides plenty of room for your company image or even a team photograph. With the flexibility to switch from wireless to wired sound and fidelity sharp enough for conference calls, you have a useful corporate gift for business and pleasure.

JBL is one of the most recognizable names in audio. Ordering through the JBL website allows you to choose the color of your speaker casing, the base design, and the text or image upload for a fully customized result. Bulk orders of 50 pieces or more qualify for discounted prices.

Learn more about the JBL GO 2 Bluetooth Speaker.

11. Ray-Bans Customized Sunglasses

Ray-Bans sets the standard for fashionable and protective eyewear with sunglasses that stay in style. You can create your own customized version of the most popular models to dazzle your customers and workers. Protective cases included with each piece will protect lenses and frames and provide years of use. For outdoor events where eye protection is a must, Ray-Bans are swag products that provide solutions and look good while doing it!

Ray-Ban has been an iconic brand for nearly a century. Including this company’s first-class sunglasses in your merchandise cache gives you branded items with instant familiarity. With orders placed directly through Ray-Ban, you can select your favorite frame style and add your company name to the temple.

Learn more about Ray-Bans Customized Sunglasses.

12. Parker Rollerball Pen

For clients and customers with a taste for refinement, Parker Rollerball Pens are brand merchandise examples that come in handy. A shiny black barrel and lid with silver trim provide timeless style. These pens’ elegant taper and vintage design feel sturdy yet comfortable in your grip. Each pen comes boxed for presentation and storage, making this special swag a perfect team gift to wrap up for the holidays.

Parker has more than a century of producing premium pens for business and personal use. When purchased through Metron Branding, you can apply your logo to the cap of each pen in distinctive one-color screen printing. In addition, Parker Quink rollerball refills in blue or black ink allow users to have the ultimate sustainable writing tools.

Learn more about Parker Rollerball Pens.

13. Lands’ End Messenger Bag

You can help your associates carry their gear in an attractive Lands’ End Messenger Bag made even more stylish with your screen-printed emblem splashed across the front panel. Thanks to the adjustable hook-and-loop fastener, the spacious interior is roomy enough to accommodate a 15-inch laptop plus books or documents. A mesh pouch on either side of the bag keeps water bottles snug between sips.

As Lands’ End provides its own printing services, you can place your order directly through the Lands’ End Business site. Available in rich black and navy blue, these sturdy messenger bags are an ideal combination of fashion and function. A minimum order of 15 bags per color lets you mix and match your swag selections.

Learn more about the Lands’ End Messenger Bag.

14. Adidas Ball Caps

With Adidas ball caps bearing your team symbol or company emblem, you can instill a sense of belonging in your team. These attractive caps utilize 100% brushed cotton for an environmentally friendly version of a soft baseball hat. The soft fabric and pre-curved brim provide comfort from the first wear, while the broad crown serves as a backdrop for your embroidered design.

Adidas is a prime name in the world of sports and active gear. This recognizable brand enjoys a heritage of creating top-tier products for over 100 years. Through the Corporate Gear program, you can select white, black, navy, or gray Adidas caps to make your stitched art stand out.

Learn more about Adidas Ball Caps.

15. Keurig K-Mini Personalized Coffee Maker

If coffee is the fuel that keeps your company running, then the Keurig K-Mini Personalized Coffee Maker is the brand merch to supercharge your swag selection! You can choose the color and background art or stick with a basic black model to show off your branding. An upload of your logo adds your image to the side of each machine. With additional text, you can include a custom message to your recipients.

Keurig has become a recognized name in the world of personal coffee makers. This super-slim brewer is under five inches wide, providing a modest profile that fits nicely on desks or in coffee stations. K-Cups fit in the Keurig Mini, making it easier for users to shop for their favorite flavors. Keurig’s commitment to improving their plastic use makes these charming personal-sized coffee makers an environmentally sound choice in brand merch.

Learn more about the Keurig K-Mini Personalized Coffee Maker.


Brand merch allows you to add your company’s branding to quality products. You can give these items to employees, customers, or prospects. When choosing brand merch, it is important to select items that recipients will find useful. Then, your brand will be top of mind whenever customers or employees make a cup of coffee or listen to their favorite tunes. No matter which industry your company is in, giving out merch to staff members and customers encourages recipients to be loyal to your firm.

Next, learn about using brand merch as marketing gift ideas and employee care packages.

FAQ: Best brand merch

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about brand merch.

What is brand merch?

Brand merch is customizable swag sporting your company’s logo, name, or colors. These items can range from apparel to self-care to kitchen gadgets.

What are some good brand merch ideas?

Some good brand merch ideas include Under Armour Hustle Pullover Hoodies, Lands End Messenger Bag, and Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge Glasses.

What is the purpose of brand merchandise?

The purpose of brand merchandise is to provide stylish swag customized with your company’s logo or personal message. You can give brand merchandise to your team as a reward, to create company unity, and to foster loyalty. Additionally, you can give out or sell brand merchandise to customers or prospects to market your brand, encourage repeat shoppers, and boost company loyalty.

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