Updated: December 20, 2022

12 Best Custom Printing Companies in 2022

Here is our list of the best custom printing companies.

Custom printing companies are those which sell products containing prints tailored to customers. Examples of products these companies produce include clothes, mugs, and bags. Businesses typically order these products in bulk to monetize their audience base, but they can also be purchased as thoughtful singular gifts.

This list contains:

  • The best custom printing companies
  • Printing business websites
  • The top branded custom printing companies
  • Printing businesses for employees
  • Printing businesses for those on a budget

Check below to discover our crafted list!

List of custom printing companies

From T-shirt sellers to mug masters to tote bag queens, here is the list of the best custom printing companies, which we have put together for you below!

1. Printful

This custom printing company prints on demand to provide clients with a broad range of customizable options. Various features help customers get the most out of this service, including logo design services and T-shirt mock-up generators. Beginner entrepreneurs may be able to benefit from using this print company to create their own designs. After all, people can even add their own personalized branding to products and packaging. For example, this personalization includes packaging inserts and interior labels.

Furthermore, this company offers other attractive features. If you want, then you can make use of the available marketing videos and graphic design services. This effort can help promote repeat business or encourage consumers to get excited about a new product line. The products Printful works with include T-shirts, mugs, phone cases, tote bags, bean bags, framed posters, and over 200 others, meaning it is hard for customers not to discover something that complements their business.

Learn more about Printful.

2. Teelaunch

Teelaunch is a reliable custom printing company. Teelaunch can help you develop fantastic-looking products with mock-ups and a competitive price catalogue. Some of the products on offer stand out because they are not offered by offer companies, such as Bluetooth speakers. You can also find items such as color-changing cups, monogram handbags, T-shirts, and 3-piece canvas sets.

So, finding a product that fits a customer’s brand is relatively straightforward here, especially if the aim is to stand out.

Learn more about Teelaunch.

3. Lulu xPress

This printing company is ideal for writers and educators wanting to establish their own monetized audience. Lulu xPress sells general products as well as more specialized ones. For instance, the business helps writers transform personalized digital content into physical products. When you collaborate with this company, it gives you an opportunity to sell under your own brand.

Furthermore, you are not shut off from distribution channels like Amazon and brick-and-mortar bookshops. So, if you have a photobook, novel, journal, cookbook, or any other form of digital content on your laptop, Lulu xPress could be the printing company you have been looking for! This is celebrated for being a very specialized company, so it might be worth assessing your personal company’s needs for jumping onboard with Lulu.

Learn more about Lulu xPress.

4. Cafe Press

This company is ideal for small print orders. Cafe Press is a great site if you want to print your own artwork or want to pick from a range of pre-designed T-shirts from other freelance artists. Artists earn a small royalty for every design they sell, making Cafe Press a great company to invest in to support local businesses.

It might be worth noting here that supporting small businesses could be important to your social values too. However, the prices can build up for bulk orders, so you may want to look around at other options if you are planning on buying many products. This being said, Cafe Press is ideal for large corporations needing to save precious time.

Learn more about Cafe Press.

5. VistaPrint

VistaPrint is a global business that generates physical products and digital marketing products. Thus, small companies often use this site. Vistaprint creates fantastic opportunities for entrepreneurs wanting to offer clients the right marketing techniques to excel in the long term.

Here, you can print business cards, flyers, and posters. Also, you can find Christmas stocking filler products like mugs, wall calendars, and canvas prints. With this in mind, VistaPrint can cater to a range of different consumers.

Learn more about VistaPrint.

6. Printify

This custom printing business gives customers access to a huge network of printing partners worldwide. The global nature of this platform allows individuals to choose from a wide range of personalized items. This selection includes hoodies, backpacks, and T-shirts – to name a few!

Additionally, you are able to select your printer located in the country of your choice for more cost-efficient shipping. The products produced at this company can vary in quality depending on who you decide to collaborate with. Furthermore, note that determining whether to operate with various vendors will require even more setup. Therefore, it might be worth considering if the benefits outweigh the drawbacks when choosing which printing company to invest in.

Learn more about Printify.

7. Broken Arrow Wear

Broken Arrow Wear provides T-shirt printing along with hundreds of design concepts. On this site, you will also be able to explore thousands of clipart images to help you create your perfect customizable piece. The company utilizes high-quality embroidery and printing equipment in the manufacturing process.

Furthermore, Broken Arrow Wear incorporates expert artists who are willing to undergo minor tweaks to complete transformations of your logos. You can also expect free standard delivery times. This company is straightforward to work with and is known for being affordable, so it is certainly worth looking at what deals they have available and whether they can cater to your individual needs or not. Fortunately, the team is incredibly easy to reach out to.

Learn more about Broken Arrow Wear.

8. Free Prints

Free Prints is a custom printing company which is very popular with those on a low budget, such as students. Free Prints offers countless deals and freebies when it comes to creating cards, photo tiles, prints, and photo books. Sometimes, customers only have to cover the delivery charges in their order!

The attractive thing about this company is that customers do not have to commit on a long-term basis. Individuals only have to download the specific Free Prints app on their phones to access a range of affordable services. There are not any trapping subscriptions! The only downside to this app is that you cannot buy products on your desktop, which may not be ideal for the way some customers operate.

Learn more about Free Prints.

9. Discount Mugs

Discount Mugs offers high-quality, affordable products. These products are available for you to choose from in a varied online catalogue. A drawback of this company is that it has a slow turnaround. However, the company does offer so much more than customizable printed mugs. You can find tees, toys, pens, and a range of other promotional items.

The company even incorporates a pricing grid into their website. This feature makes it easy for individuals to figure out different costs and options when it comes to ordering. Discount Mugs’ D-label design software allows users to place designs onto almost any catalogue product, so it is straightforward to get stuck in and start designing.

Learn more about Discount Mugs.

10. Minuteman Press

With Minuteman Press, customers can easily boost their brand awareness through the production of custom garments, business cards, banners, pens, brochures, posters, and more! With this company, people can portray their businesses as professional and organized to their clients with slick communication.

With an impressive range of products available for customers to use, it has never been easier to speak out about messages to potential clients. This company uses current document management and printing technology to handle the difficult parts of projects. The staff are known for being experts in their field – they are committed to delivering what every single customer needs.

Learn more about Minuteman Press.

11. Tradeprint

This site offers low-cost custom prints with free delivery in some locations! Some selections on offer are relatively inexpensive, meaning it is now straightforward to help small businesses excel on a budget. Tradeprint has over a quarter of a century worth of experience in this industry, meaning that the team has worked hard to simplify the printing process. For example, Tradeprint has generated a core range named ‘Best Buy’ products, which sport exceptional quality with optimal savings. This collection is ideal for those wanting to save a little more. There are various Best Buy choices out there, all aiming to strip back difficulties with pre-designed templates.

Additionally, if customers are struggling to think up a design, the company can help out with spec sheets and marketing via the Pro Tools section. Here, users can discover a range of templates for different products. This approach can save a lot of time and effort! Some of the most popular products available include seasonal greeting cards, saddle-stitched booklets, and A4 landscape personalised calendars.

Learn more about Tradeprint.

12. Pixartprinting

Pixartprinting provides a vast selection of products, including organizational items like calendars and diaries, brand awareness products like promotions and flyers, and gifts like stationary and photo prints. With countless products available, it is difficult not to stumble across something you like with this custom printing company. Pixartprinting particularly prides itself on product quality, its selection of products, value for money, and speedy delivery. With over one million customers so far, this printing business is doing something right!

Learn more about Pixartprinting.

Final Thoughts

Custom printing is becoming more and more popular as we continue to move through the digital age. These services can produce items for ambitious entrepreneurs and start-ups.

The vendors can also be ideal for individuals wanting to create the perfect personalized gift. You don’t need to run a small business or large corporation to benefit from custom printing companies. Perhaps you simply want to seek out a thoughtful gift for your loved one this Christmas.

When buying promotional items, you must make sure that they are of high quality. This criterion is vital, especially as low-quality products can decrease the reputability of your own company. After all, what is the point of printing and selling a T-shirt which promotes your brand if it immediately fades after its first wash? Why offer pens that run out of ink or snap on the first use? Why risk providing bags with low-quality stitching and material which wears down?

The best custom printing companies out there can provide you with the goods to stand out and enhance your brand’s legitimacy. This process is all via the production of unforgettable merchandise. Additionally, seeing your different options can help you uncover extra original products. These products can help your company stand out even more from competitors.

FAQ: Custom printing companies

Here, you can find the answers to typical questions we receive about custom printing companies.

What are custom printing companies?

Custom printing companies engage with printing customizable images and text onto various materials. The products these vendors manufacture often serve as employee gifts and promotional merchandise. Although, some individuals do use custom printing companies for their own personal purposes rather than business purposes. These products can enhance a company’s reputation and brand awareness. Furthermore, the products can complement business events, such as career fairs, trade shows, and conventions.

What are some of the best printing companies to opt for when you are on a tight budget?

If you are looking for great value to suit a low budget, then you should check out FreePrints. This company offers customers deals for a range of customizable products. Sometimes, you only have to pay for delivery when ordering these items!

What are the best businesses to buy custom printing services from?

The best printing business option depends on your individual needs. However, we recommend Printful as a good overall option for entrepreneurs wanting to promote their own brands. This recommendation is because the company offers convenient services and mock-up generators to help boost marketing strategies.

What are the top things to consider when picking a custom printing company?

There are a few different things to keep in mind when choosing the right custom printing company for you. For example, you need to consider your budget, the company’s turnaround time, previous customer reviews, and how straightforward it is to utilize the platform. Different users have different priorities – for example, you might need a rapid delivery time if you are on a tight deadline. This requirement means you want to opt for a company which offers next-day delivery over one which takes a fortnight to finalize the product.

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