Updated: December 20, 2022

12 Best Corporate Swag Vendors in 2022

You discovered our list of the best corporate swag vendors and merchandisers.

Swag vendors are companies that provide branded merchandise for your business. Examples of popular swag include apparel, bags, and mugs. Some vendors will provide more bespoke products like camping supplies or notebooks. You can give this merchandise to employees while working or as gifts or prizes for company events. You could also give the swag to customers in the form of branded products.

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Read on to get started.

List of Corporate Swag Vendors

From branded pens to cheese boards and custom stickers. Here are the vendors for all your corporate swag needs.

1. Swag.com

Swag.com is the go-to branded merchandising company used by thousands of companies. This status includes the likes of Microsoft, Pepsi, Amazon, Virgin, and Disney.

The company offers trusted, branded products and a platform to manage your swag inventory. Swag.com gives access to all the traditional products we know and love, like coffee cups and pens.

There are also plenty of unique offerings on Swag.com. You can find products like camping supplies and Bluetooth speakers. You can even find products like kettles. There are also many custom product services. For example, creating swag bags for your next team-building event. You could use these products to kit out your office with branded merch.

You can enjoy services like art and design to logistics, and fulfillment. And there are plenty of deals on specific product lines. All these benefits ensure Swag.com is a great choice when searching for corporate swag.

Check out Swag.com.

2. SwagUp.com

If you want to automate your company’s swag, then Swag Up is the way to go about it. Swag Up serves companies like Google, Walmart, Stanford University, and Facebook.

The company also enables you to create your own “Swag Packs” from scratch. The level of detail within this process is fantastic.

Choose your packaging, mailing bag, box filler, and handwritten card style. Then, choose which branded gifts and merchandise you want your Swag Packs to contain. Add your bonus items and send them off to wherever you want the bags to go. Some of the most notable product lines include:

  • Tech like ring lights, wireless car chargers, travel power kits, and AirCharge mouse pads
  • Premium-quality backpacks and duffle bags
  • Clothing lines, including sweatshirts, outerwear, and tops
  • All your standard lines, like water bottles, coffee mugs, and stationery.

This company makes it easy to send out high-quality, branded merchandise.

You can check out SwagUp.com.

3. BrandVia

BrandVia is a top provider of branded merchandise, trusted by companies like eBay, PayPal, and Marriott. BrandVia offers over 50,000 products on its website and adds more all the time.

BrandVia’s team prides itself on being able to source almost any product a customer might want. If you have a particular product in mind that fits your brand, then BrandVia will help you get it. But, this vendor is so much more than meets the eye.

BrandVia offers services like:

  • Swag and merchandise vendor services
  • Virtual event engagement
  • Gifting experiences
  • Product development and innovation.

BrandVia can even help you set up stores and merchandising programs. This service is available both online and in the physical world. The company also offers access to some fantastic product lines, including:

  • Dedicated collections for BIPOC-owned businesses
  • Female-owned businesses
  • Sustainable and locally-sourced businesses

Businesses like yours get the chance to make a difference when working with BrandVia.

You can check out BrandVia.

4. Printfection

Printfection is an end-to-end swag and merchandising platform that can handle every part of the process. Using the dashboard, this vendor allows you to essentially dropship branded products worldwide.

But Printfection is not just a swag vendor. The company also provides a range of dedicated services. These services include creating and distributing customer rewards and incentives.

Printfection is actually built for this activity. The website offers a reporting and analytics dashboard to track the progress and performance of your merch programs. The best part is that Printfection manages all the logistics for you.

That management includes warehousing and fulfillment to customer service and returns. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy watching your swag reach its destination.

Explore Printfection.

5. Merchology

Merchology is one of the best-known and most-trusted providers of branded merchandise. And for a good reason. Merchology has almost a decade of experience. It is clear the company knows how to deliver quality, customer service, and value.

There is a massive selection of products, including:

  • Clothing
  • Bags and rucksacks
  • Office supplies
  • Home decor

And so much more. You also get access to the company’s team of experts who can help with everything, from design to delivery. Plus, Merchology offers a satisfaction guarantee on all orders. This guarantee means you can be sure you are getting the best possible deal.

Check out Merchology.

6. 4Imprint

4Imprint has been a worldwide branded merchandise provider since 1987. The company has built up an inventory of over one million products. This extensive range gives you everything you need for your next merch project.

Moreover, there are a ton of exclusive products you can only find on the 4Imprint store. You can also rush orders within 24 hours and enjoy other benefits, like:

  • “Better Choice” sustainable product lines
  • Loads of weekly and daily ‘hot’ deals
  • 360-degree guarantee on every purchase

On top of this extensive catalog, 4Imprint also offers custom design services. These services ensure you have perfect products for your next campaign event. The company even has a team of experts to help you with every step of the process, from choosing the right product to shipping it to your door.

You can check out 4Imprint.

7. Gemnote

Gemnote is a capable alternative to other swag vendors. The company does not focus only on providing the brands everyone already knows about. Rather, Gemnote offers unique, bespoke, high-quality products. Products that represent the high value your business offers.

Gemnote prides itself on its high-profile client list. This list includes the likes of Reddit, Lyft, Amazon, Netflix, Meta, and Zendesk.

This client showcase proves Gemnote has what it takes to create exclusive and high-quality branded merch. However, these products are not in the same selection that every other vendor offers.

These products are high-end, creative ones that your employees and customers are actually going to adore.

Furthermore, the best part about Gemnote is its team of experts.

These experts assist with everything from choosing the right product to designing and shipping. Gemnote also offers a satisfaction guarantee on all orders. This guarantee means you can be sure you are getting the best possible deal.

You can check out Gemnote.

8. Blueberry Ink

Blueberry Ink is a top corporate swag vendor popular among enterprises. The company offers an extensive catalog of products and services. However, the catalog comes with a rather elegant twist. If you want products that highlight the quality experience your business upholds, then Blueberry Ink is for you.

The promotional gifts and branded merch include lines like blankets and custom cheese trays. There are also more bespoke products. These products include ranges like beautiful coffee sets delivered in straw-laid boxes. You may even find custom leather-bound notebooks and padfolios.

While you have access to the traditional forms of merch, Blueberry Ink excels when it comes to these custom, luxury products.

The Blueberry Ink team provides top-notch customer service and helps you find the best possible product for your needs.

Check out Blueberry Ink.

9. Barefoot Swag

Barefoot Swag offers a great selection of imprinted giveaways, corporate gifts, awards, and logo apparel. However, the main focus here is that all the products come with a budget-friendly price tag.

These price lines are ideal for small to mid-sized businesses. You can customize all the items with your company or organization logo and use them for any event. These events can include trade shows, conventions, and having branded stationery in your office.

You can check out Barefoot Swag to learn more.

10. Promo Direct

Promo Direct is a company that has been selling corporate swag for over 25 years. The company was even voted a 2017 Gold Award Winner for the quality experience they provide.

Promo Direct has a wide variety of products to choose from. The Promo Direct team also helps you find the perfect items for your business and a wide range of services to match. These services include custom printing and embroidery. There are many products to choose from. The company’s inventory includes hats, t-shirts, bags, and more.

And there are plenty of great deals, price lines, and product collections. These opportunities make it easy to find suitable gifts for employees and customers without breaking the bank. With over 5,000 five-star reviews on Trustpilot alone, Promo Direct is a highly qualified vendor.

Check out Promo Direct.

11. Zazzle

Zazzle is not a dedicated swag vendor. However, the company is an excellent option for businesses looking for swag. With 300 million+ items to choose from, there’s everything you can imagine.

You can also personalize all the Zazzle products with your company logo. Therefore, you are creating products perfect for trade shows, conventions, or corporate events. Plus, Zazzle’s team provides top-notch customer service. The company’s experts are great at helping you find the best possible product for your needs.

Check out Zazzle.

12. SwagWorx

SwagWorx takes a different approach to corporate swag. You have access to many high-quality products. And, you can benefit from the company’s decade and more of creative marketing experience.

However, SwagWorx also offers a brainstorming session alongside their standard service.

The session allows the SwagWorx experts to see which products represent your brand best, and how best to use them. This service is perfect for businesses wanting to get the most out of their swag. SwagWorx also offers a satisfaction guarantee on all orders. This security means you can be sure you are getting the best possible deal.

You can check out SwagWorx to learn more.

Final Thoughts

When ordering promotional products, make sure the products are of the highest quality. Your product’s quality reflects the company’s image. And this quality gives either a good or bad impression to the public and your employees.

Poorly made promotional products can reflect badly on the company. These products may even damage your reputation. Say your items wear down and break quickly. This scenario may send the message your company does care about details or quality.

Conduct due diligence and take your time to research and choose the best swag vendor for you. This mindfulness will then always pay off in the form of quality merchandise.

Quality branded products mean happy employees and customers.

Some final considerations:

  • Look for unique products that will help your merchandise stand out and start conversations.
  • You do not want products ending up in junk drawers or storage cupboards unused or not enjoyed.
  • Also, you must make sure this process does not break the bank.

Every vendor you see on this list is a great place to find products and merchandise that tick all these boxes. Give these swag vendors a try and see what they can do for you.

For more gifting ideas, explore these gift ideas for staff, employee appreciation gifts, and luxury corporate gift ideas.

FAQ: Corporate Swag Vendors

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions on corporate swag companies you need to know. 

What are corporate swag vendors?

Corporate swag vendors are companies that sell branded merchandise to businesses and organizations. Available product lines may include things like t-shirts, bags, and mugs. However, you may also want more alternative and unique items.

These branded products are ideal for companies looking to create a tighter internal community. These products can be fun gifts for corporate events, used for kitting out your office, or supporting other occasions.

What services do corporate swag vendors provide?

Most vendors will provide a wide range of services. These services include sourcing, branding, and shipping merchandise. Some vendors also offer additional services like:

  • setting up stores and merchandising programs
  • virtual event engagement
  • gifting experiences
  • product development and innovation.

How much do corporate swag vendors cost?

The cost of working with a corporate swag vendor will depend on the services you require. The final price will also vary depending on the merchandise you order. Most vendors have a minimum order amount, so be sure to check with the vendor before placing your order. Many vendors do offer discounts for larger orders. Most vendors will also have a minimum product volume limit you have to meet.

How do I choose the best corporate swag vendor for my business?

When choosing a corporate swag vendor for your business, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

First, you must ensure that the vendor can provide the services you need. Second, ensure the merchandise is high-quality. The quality will reflect on your company image.

Finally, guarantee that the cost of working with the vendor is within your budget.

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