Updated: March 15, 2023

28 Promotional Giveaways Ideas for Businesses in 2023

Here is our list of the best promotional giveaways ideas.

Promotional giveaways ideas are items companies offer to clients to market the business’s brand, service, or product. These items are usually sold at low or zero cost and are primarily a marketing tool. Examples include Imprint Mini Humidifiers, Shoreline Beach Towels, Laurel Monogrammed Dishcloths, and Pebblly Makeup Boxes. These giveaways aim to efficiently advertise to as many potential clients as possible.

Promotional giveaways are a type of corporate swag that you can use as part of your marketing gift strategy. These items are similar to swag ideas for employees, promotional items for college students, and budget swag. You can work with brandable T-shirt companies or promotional product companies to produce these giveaways.

This list includes:

  • giveaway ideas for businesses
  • unique promotional giveaways
  • creative ideas for promotional giveaways
  • promotional product giveaways
  • promotional giveaway ideas for events

Let’s get started!

List of promotional giveaways ideas

Finding the most memorable giveaway items requires some level of creativity. The standard products are less likely to leave a lasting impact on clients and keep them returning. However, several gifts encourage clients to stay loyal to businesses. Here is a list of ideas for promotional giveaways.

1. Imprint Mini Humidifier

Dry air can cause severe damage to the skin, hair, and breathing tract. However, humidifiers can lessen the problematic effects of dry air. These appliances are among the best promotional giveaway ideas. Businesses can offer a mini humidifier to show interest and care toward clients. A mini humidifier is an excellent promotional gift that is ultra quiet, comes with a night light, and can work for several hours on a full charge. In addition, businesses can easily customize stylish products to advertise and promote their products, services, or brands.

Learn more about the Imprint Mini Humidifier.

2. Custom Branded Event Pillows

Throw pillows are a modern promotional item for businesses. Most folks use throw pillows at home and can have them for a long time. The Custom Branded Event Pillow comes in several colors and sizes, and firms can even get sequin pillows. Additionally, companies can customize a brand name with calligraphy on each handmade pillow.

Learn more about the Custom Branded Event Pillows.

3. Wooden Ring Toss Game

A table game is excellent for companies looking for unique promotional giveaways. These great stress relievers can come in various imprint colors to fit the design choice of any firm. Businesses can easily customize the toy with a brand logo or slogan. Ring toss games are great mind therapy and exercise, and clients can have the toy on a work table to add aesthetic beauty to the space.

Learn more about the Wooden Ring Toss Game.

4. Thermos Stainless Steel Food Jar

Businesses can include food flasks as giveaway items since most flasks are durable. A thermal food flask with large enough space is perfect for holding all types of lunches. The Thermos Stainless Steel Food Jars are insulated to keep food hot or cold for extended periods. These 16-ounce flasks have a stainless-steel body. In addition, companies can engrave a slogan or logo on the jar’s body.

Learn more about the Thermos Stainless Steel Food Jar.

5. Glacier Cooler Bag

This insulated cooler bag is waterproof and can keep items cool or warm for hours. The Glacier Cooler Bag has an easy-to-carry strap and can hold several lunch boxes or items simultaneously. Additionally, the pack holds up to 24 cans and comes in multiple fabric colors. The cooler bag also has a water-resistant exterior and a zippered main compartment.

Learn more about the Glacier Cooler Bag.

6. Shoreline Fringed Beach Towel

Most businesses offering promotional items will consider towels because of the ease of customization, usability, and versatility. Towels are a popular giveaway item, so companies considering including towels as a promotional item must get creative. Rather than a usual bath towel, a company can consider giving away beach towels. Beach towels are usually larger and can come in fun designs and patterns. The Shoreline Fringed Beach Towel is 100% woven cotton and multipurpose. The towel offers quick-dry absorbency and an overall stylish finish.

Learn more about the Shoreline Fringed Beach Towel.

7. Laurel Monogram Dishcloth

Dishcloths top the list of creative ideas for promotional giveaways. Dishcloths tend to last a long time, so they work wonders for businesses trying to promote a brand, service, or product. If the customization lasts, then the client will continuously remember the brand. The Laurel Monogram Dish Cloth is a polyester and cotton blend. The dishcloth comes with a simple yet classy design. Businesses can choose from six colors and print a simple logo or slogan on each cloth.

Learn more about the Laurel Monogram Dishcloth.

8. Name Established Wooden Trays

Trays are a regularly used item, and for a company that wishes to keep reminding clients of their services and products, a tray will do the trick. The Name Established Wooden Tray is a natural eco-friendly product that offers stability and durability. The simple design makes the tray perfect for every location and use. In addition, businesses that purchase this tray can customize it with the business name and year of establishment. The product also comes with a black gift box, perfect for promotional giveaways.

Learn more about Name Established Wooden Trays.

9. Dual Port USB Car Charger

A USB car charger can be among any business’s simplest promotional giveaway ideas. USB car chargers are valuable to many folks. The Dual Port USB Car Charger has 1A and 2.1A outputs, and users can charge two devices simultaneously. Additionally, the charger comes with overload and short-circuit protection. Businesses can choose from seven colors and print a logo or other messages.

Learn more about the Dual Port USB Car Charger.

10. Pebblly Makeup Storage Organizer

A makeup box is a creative idea for businesses looking for promotional items for makeup enthusiasts. The Pebbly makeup box is a multi-slot box with a mirror, handle, and lock. The kit is perfect for traveling or simply storing and organizing makeup. Also, businesses can print logos and other messages on the body. With this product, companies offer clients a durable, simple, classy, and lightweight gift.

Learn more about the Pebblly Makeup Storage Organizer.

11. Custom Bobbleheads

A bobblehead is a top choice for unique promotional product giveaways. Bobbleheads are fun and relaxing, and companies can turn to these cartoon heads for the occasion. For companies with a famous spokesperson, a bobblehead of the celebrity will attract many clients. Bobblehead customization comes in various sizes and designs, giving businesses a lot of control over the outcome of the freebie item.

Learn more about Custom Bobbleheads.

12. Woodland Light-Up Power Bank

Businesses can include power banks in the list of promotional items for any event. The Woodland Light-Up Power Bank has an LED light that makes your logo shine. Companies can get the product in blue, tan, and black. The power bank has a single slot section where businesses can imprint a logo or slogan. The bank comes with a woodgrain design and a solid color, giving a classy and simple look. The casing is plastic, and the bank uses a micro-USB cable charger.

Learn more about the Woodland Light-Up Power Bank.

13. XTR Titanium Rescue Knife

Businesses with outdoor clients who enjoy the wilderness can offer pocket knives. The XTR Titanium Rescue Knife includes a glass-breaker tip, seatbelt cutter, and pocket clip. Businesses can laser engrave a logo or brand name on the handle.

Learn more about the XTR Titanium Rescue Knife.

14. Cozy Fleece Blanket

Giveaway ideas for businesses can include blankets, which are easy to fold up and serve a wide range of clients. The product is lightweight, and companies can choose how to customize each product. Clients can use this fleece flannel in any season or situation. The blanket is fully hemmed and embroidered, making this product long lasting.

Learn more about the Cozy Fleece Blanket.

15. Hipster Deluxe Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are popular as a fashion statement and convenient on-the-go storage space. Folks use these portable bags in almost every situation. The Hipster Deluxe Fanny Pack is a simple plain-colored pack that any recipient will love. Businesses can select from two color choices. The pack comes with two zippered pockets and a generous printable space at the front.

Learn more about the Hipster Deluxe Fanny Pack.

16. Ruthiv Storage Bag

The Ruthiv Storage Bag is a zip-covered, heavy-duty vinyl plastic storage space that simultaneously holds several items. Clients can use this storage bag for storing clothes, towels, or blankets. The transparent view bag comes in various shapes that recipients can enjoy. A single purchase includes a set of four bags. In addition, the bag offers businesses the customization option of three words per printable side.

Learn more about the Ruthiv Storage Bag.

17. Trendy Script Yoga Mat

Yoga is a widely popular mind and body activity, and a yoga mat is an essential part of the process. Companies looking for uncommon items to add to their business’s promotional items can consider a yoga mat. If a business wants to target a broad audience, then choosing a simple design is best. The Trendy Script Yoga Mat offers businesses a simple yet quality mat that clients will love. The mat comes in 30 different color choices in anti-slip and easy-to-wipe material. Additionally, the Trendy Script Yoga Mat includes a slot for customization.

Learn more about the Trendy Script Yoga Mat.

18. Ray-Ban’s Polarized Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a popular choice for giveaway ideas for businesses, as most folks enjoy wearing sunglasses as a fashion accessory or for protection. Companies can consider giving polarized sunglass to clients. Polarized sunglasses with UV protection keeps the wearer safe from the sun’s glare. This protection is essential on a hot summer’s day. Many polarized glasses are stylish, and businesses can consider making customized glasses for companies and clients. Ray-Ban’s customizable polarized glasses give businesses the freedom to design, create, and advertise themselves.

Learn more about Ray-Ban’s Polarized Sunglasses.

19. 7-Day Pill Case

Pill cases help individuals organize, manage, and monitor daily medication intake. The 7-Day pill case comes with slots for each day of the week. Businesses that add a pill case to their promo list will surely attract many clients. Pill trays are unique promo items, so a company will easily stand out. The case comes in nine colors with a slot for customization right at the front.

Learn more about the 7-Day Pill Case.

20. Vintage Bar Keep’s Bottle Openers

A business that chooses to include a bottle opener among the brand’s promo items should get creative with the opener’s design and style. These tools are one of the sleekest promotional giveaway ideas. The unique vintage design and heavy-weight zinc alloyed material set the opener apart. Clients can also attach other items to the opener. The stylish and durable product comes in iron, copper, and bronze. In addition, businesses can choose to customize both sides of the bottle opener.

Learn more about Vintage Bar Keep’s Bottle Openers.

21. Lux Bamboo Square Mini Portable Speaker

A portable desk speaker will make an excellent promotional item. The Lux Bamboo Square Mini Portable Speaker comes in a cute compact form that doubles as an aesthetically beautiful piece. The full-charge speakers last for three hours and are compatible with all devices. These speakers work with Bluetooth connectivity and offer excellent bass frequency. Also, firms can custom engrave the speakers with their logo.

Learn more about the Lux Bamboo Square Mini Portable Speaker.

22. Snow Globes

Businesses can get creative with their list of promotional giveaway ideas for events by including a snow globe. A snow globe is fun and memorable, and many folks will enjoy displaying this beautiful piece. Companies can customize a snow globe with the image or message of choice, then engrave it with the company’s brand symbol.

Learn more about Snow Globes.

23. Custom Monogrammed Yoga Head Band

Yoga gear is incomplete without a sweat-resistant headband. The Custom Monogrammed Yoga Head Band is a non-slip band that ensures comfort, zero hair damage, and no headaches. Also, businesses can print their initials on the headbands for promotional giveaways. The light band consists of anti-microbial agents, and companies can choose from over ten colors.

Learn more about the Custom Monogrammed Yoga Head Band.

24. Custom Coasters

Custom Coasters are an affordable promo item option for easy gifting. With Custom Coasters Now, you can select between multiple coaster materials, including cork, leather, and bamboo. Depending on your material, you can choose between different coaster shapes and thicknesses. Next, just add your logo, and you have a unique promo item that recipients can use year-round! Plus, recipients will offer coasters to their guests, giving your brand even more visibility.

Learn more about Custom Coasters.

25. Cocktail Herb Garden

For plant-loving clients, consider getting this Cocktail Herb Garden. The set includes every item you need to start the seedlings, including lavender, mint, thyme, soil, stakes, and an egg carton. Guests will love watching their herbs grow before they add them to tasty cocktails. You can customize the set with a large full-color paper wrapping, so your brand will be front and center.

Learn more about the Cocktail Herb Garden.

26. Lil’ Rubber Duck

A customized little rubber duckie is the perfect promo item for the pool or the bathtub. These ducks come in blue, pink, red, or yellow, and you can add your decoration to the chest. This item is affordable, making it a great free giveaway product. These critters are one of the cutest promotional giveaway ideas. You can even turn the toys into an event by running a rubber duck race at a local river!

Learn more about the Lil’ Rubber Duck.

27. Paracord Bracelet with Metal Plate

Both fashionable and functional, the Paracord Bracelet with Metal Plate can be used as a fun branded accessory. You can order the bracelet in green, red, blue, or black, and the metal plate has plenty of room for your logo. In a pinch, recipients can use paracord as rope or firestarter. Paracord bracelets are the perfect gift for outdoor enthusiasts.

Learn more about the Paracord Bracelet with Metal Plate.

28. Square Keyboard Dots

Many workers spend most of their day on the computer. To keep your brand name top of mind, give them these Square Keyboard Dots. The dots stick to computer keys or any digital device, dressing up your personal gadgets. These dots leave no residue and add a fun flair to any plain keyboard. This tech accessory is one of the most unconventional yet effective promotional giveaway ideas.

Learn more about Square Keyboard Dots.


Promotional giveaway ideas for events require significant planning and care to ensure the items are helpful to clients. Businesses looking to offer freebies should also ensure these items are durable and stylish so clients are motivated to use the freebies. An excellent promotional item can attract more than the direct client who received the swag product. Companies can explore this list of unique promotional giveaways to find the best promotional gifts.

Next, read about our top brand awareness ideas and conference swag ideas.

FAQ: Promotional giveaways ideas

Here are frequently asked questions about promotional giveaway ideas.

What are promotional giveaways ideas?

Promotional giveaways are company-branded items companies give to clients to market the brand, product, or business. These items are either sold at discount prices or given out for free.

What are some good ideas for promotional giveaways?

There are many promotional product giveaways businesses can choose from. Some of the top picks include a 7-Day Pill Case, a Ruthiv Storage Bag, a Hipster Deluxe Fanny Pack, or a Cocktail Herb Garden.

What is the purpose of promo giveaways?

Promotional giveaway ideas are an easy, organic way for businesses to advertise their products and services. These items are everyday long-lasting products that clients may use regularly. In turn, regular and public use maximizes a business’s marketing audience.

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