Updated: December 21, 2022

10 Best Work From Home Care Package Ideas

Here is our list of work from home care package ideas.

Work from home care packages, also known as employee care packages or virtual care packages, are small gift bags with an assortment of items meant to make employees feel appreciated and valued while also boosting morale. These gift packages are especially great for employees who work from home some, most, or all of the time.

Work from home care packages are similar to swag bags, employee appreciation gifts, and gift boxes.

This list includes:

  • Self-care packages
  • Snack packages
  • Alcoholic beverage packages
  • Coffee packages
  • Game night packages

So, check out our list!

List of Work From Home Care Package Ideas

From snacks and beverages to self-care and other practical gifts, here are some thoughtful, unique ideas for work from home care packages.

1. Coffee box

Nearly everyone in the corporate world loves coffee, which means you cannot go wrong with a coffee-themed work from home care package.

A care package with coffee is just what your remote employees need to feel rejuvenated, appreciated, and productive. Whether employees want to enjoy their cup of joe first thing in the morning or later in the afternoon for a quick pick-me-up, they are sure to enjoy this amazingly thoughtful gift set.

While there are lots of options online for retailers specializing in coffee gift boxes, we recommend The Office Essentials gift box from Teak and Twine. This box includes Canyon Coffee, as well as a candle, granola, a mug, a notebook, a pen, and cookies, ensuring your work from home employees feel well taken care of while they work in their home office for days on end.

Learn more about The Office Essentials from Teak and Twine.

2. Spa gift package

Nearly everyone could benefit from treating themselves to a little self-care and pampering, and what better way to do this than with an at-home spa day.

Your remote employees may or may not have the opportunity to get out of the house very much, so a spa gift package is a great way to allow them to treat themselves without ever going outside. A spa gift package is a very thoughtful gift for employees who may be under a lot of stress by giving them a chance to log off their computer and spend time pampering themselves.

You can find many options for this gift as well, but we recommend getting a package with only high-quality products that are safe for skin and good for the environment. The Just Breathe Spa Gift Set from Knack is a great option, and it meets both of these requirements. This set includes a coconut soak and an all-natural sea sponge, as well as a candle with matches and a mini succulent to help set the mood in your employee’s DIY spa.

Check out this spa set and more gift sets available from Knack.

3. Swag box

A swag box is a dual-hitter gift package as it shows appreciation for your employees and provides an opportunity for your company to advertise its brand with minimal effort on your part.

Work from home employees can sometimes struggle to feel part of the team, as they work remotely most or all of the time. By providing these employees with some branded company swag, they can feel more included and part of the camaraderie. Plus, it is easy to find swag boxes with practical, useful items for your remote employees.

You can find a swag box with almost anything you can think of; however, we really like The Boss Bragbox from iPromo because of its unique and purposeful items. This gift set includes branded items like a blanket, a tumbler, a multiport charger, and a leather journal.

Learn more about The Boss Bragbox and other swag gift sets from iPromo.

4. Pampering gift set

Just like a spa gift set, a pampering gift set is sure to leave your work from home employees feeling valued, appreciated, and cared for.

As humans, it can be difficult for us to relax and take a moment to be less productive. We have this innate drive to work, work, work all the time. As remote employees, it can be even more challenging to step away from your desk because your work has literally followed you home. It can feel impossible to separate the two!

Because of this, we recommend sending work from home employees a gift set with items included to help them focus on self-care. The Pamper Hamper from Social Stories Club is curated with sustainable, socially responsible gifts, so you and your team can feel good about being pampered. The Pamper Hamper includes dark chocolate, organic soap, honey, bath salts, a candle, lip balm, hand lotion, and more.

Check out the full Social Stories Club collection.

5. Summer BBQ kit

Your remote employees are sure to love this highly unique idea. If summer is right around the corner, your employees are sure to be preparing for cookouts and BBQ events at their home. Why not make this process easier for them by sending a BBQ themed gift set?

The Grilling Season BBQ Gift from Knack is sure to impress your whole team as it comes with all the essentials – BBQ sauce, dry rub spices, cedar grilling planks, a basting brush, and a BBQ cookbook. Remote employees will love having the opportunity to grill out with friends and family on Sunday then have leftovers on Monday while they sit in their home office on conference calls. Your team is sure to feel valued and appreciated when receiving this thoughtful, timely gift set.

Learn more about The Grilling Season BBQ Gift from Knack.

6. Whiskey gift set

Working from home can feel a bit exhausting sometimes, which is why a whiskey gift set is just what remote employees need when five o’clock rolls around.

A gift basket with whiskey is a great way to thank employees for doing an outstanding job. Plus, you can use this gift as a way to encourage virtual happy hours for employees who work from home most or all of the time. Doing so will help them feel more included with the rest of the team.

There are lots of options for whiskey gift baskets online, as well as other spirit options such as gin or tequila. However, we recommend the Bulleit Frontier Bourbon Gourmet Gift Basket from Spirited Gifts as it includes all the necessary components of a much-loved delicious whiskey cocktail. This gift set includes a full-sized bottle of Bulleit bourbon along with several tasty treats to accompany it. Plus, you can add glassware, cigars, or other accessories depending on your intended audience and budget.

Check out this whiskey gift set and other options from Spirited Gifts.

7. Charcuterie board kit

You really cannot go wrong with a charcuterie board as it is a guaranteed crowd pleaser for almost any group.

When working from home, it is easy for remote employees to lose focus, interest, and motivation in their work. Food, especially high-quality items with variety, is a great way to boost morale and energy, leaving your employees feeling more prepared and focused on the task at hand.

The options for charcuterie board gift sets are nearly endless. We recommend the Southwest Charcuterie from Birdytell because it comes with artisan items sourced from local Arizona vendors. The Southwest Charcuterie includes gourmet olive oil for dipping, sonora crackers, a maple cutting board, olive tapenade, and a cotton tea towel.

Learn more about the Southwest Charcuterie and other options from Birdytell.

8. Snack box

As a remote employee, it can be difficult to find new, interesting foods to snack on throughout the seemingly endless work day which is why we recommend you send a snack box as a work from home care package.

Your employees will appreciate the novelty of these snacks as well as the creativity and thoughtfulness that went into picking out this unique gift set. Like with other ideas on this list, there are several vendors that specialize primarily in gift sets with snacks.

9. Wine gift basket

A wine care package is another great way to encourage remote employees to log off for the night, relax, and unwind. By sending this gift, you are showing your employees who work from home how much you value and care for them. Almost nothing is better than shutting your brain off for the evening to sit back and enjoy a nice glass of wine.

While there are many options for wine gift baskets, no two baskets are created equal. We recommend one of three options from Wine Basket to show your work from home employees some appreciation. Options from this vendor include the Buona Vita Italian Vino & Antipasto Gift Box, the Veuve Clicquot Champagne Gift Basket, and the Joy To The World Triple Wine Basket. Whether you are celebrating a job well done, acknowledging a holiday, or just showing some appreciation, Wine Basket has you covered with one of these excellent, high-quality wine gift basket options.

Learn more about the Wine Basket care packages.

10. Game night gift set

Out of all the care package ideas, a game night gift set is probably the most unique and fun idea. Working from home can become very monotonous overtime, which is why a game night could be the perfect activity to spice things up and boost morale and productivity.

By giving a game set, you are encouraging your employees to take some time away from their desk and enjoy a moment with their families. Your remote employees are sure to appreciate the idea and will ultimately end up spending a fun evening with their loved ones.

You can definitely shop around for a game night care package that better suits your team; however, we really like the More Fun and Games Gift Set from Twiggs Designs. This gift set includes all the essential games like Uno, Barrel of Monkeys, Tic-Tac-Toe, Triangle peg, Dominos, and Old Maid. Plus, More Fun and Games comes with snacks the whole family can enjoy while they compete against one another.

Check out this game night gift set along with other fun options from Twiggs Designs.

Final Thoughts

Remote work can lead to lack of motivation, poor morale, and low productivity. Work from home care packages are a great way to show remote employees they are valued, appreciated, and part of the team. This list of ideas is sure to have something that will speak volumes to your work from home employees.

FAQ: Work from home care packages

Here are common questions and answers about work from home care packages.

What are work from home care packages?

Work from home care packages are gift sets sent to your remote employees. Care packages can be sent in celebration of a holiday or achievement or just as a way to show appreciation.

What are the benefits of work from home care packages?

There are many benefits to sending care packages to your remote employees including but not limited to boosted morale, increased productivity, and decreased employee turnover rates.

What are some good work from home care package ideas?

Depending on your team’s interests, almost anything can make a good work from home care package. The best care packages include items for self-care, snacks, alcoholic beverages, branded company swag, and energizing drinks like coffee or tea.

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