Updated: March 15, 2023

31 Best Branded Apparel Ideas for Employees

Here is our list of best branded apparel ideas for employees.

Branded apparel ideas for employees are customized clothing items that companies give to employees to help boost brand awareness. Examples include Customized Yoga Tank Tops, Customized Beanies, and Customized Socks. These apparel items help improve brand recognition and build loyalty from employees. These products also promote long-lasting relationships between the company and its employees.

Branded apparel is a subset of swag ideas for employees. These products can boost brand awareness and employee engagement. To create these items, you can work with promotional product companies, corporate swag vendors, custom printing companies, and brandable T-shirt companies.

This list includes:

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List of branded apparel ideas for employees

From Visors to Hoodies to Joggers, here are examples of customizable apparel ideas for your team.

1. Sport-Tek Tri-Blend Wicking Hoodie

Hoodies are one of the best company apparel ideas because they are easily customized. This apparel piece is a common swag idea for teams. Employees can wear customized hoodies designed with the company logo during winter, on outings, or to the gym to help create awareness for your business.

This hoodie’s moisture-wicking fabric comes in different sizes for all team members. You can also create designs on the front and back of the hoodie. For instance, you can put your company logo on the front of the hoodie and a catchy quote or message on the back to inspire your staff.

Get your Sport-Tek Tri-Blend Wicking Hoodie.

2. New Era Fitted Cotton Hat

Baseball hats are fashionable branded apparel for employees because they are cost-effective and easy to customize. Employees can wear this hat with the company’s logo embroidered on it for their daily activities, outings, or casual events.

Baseball hats are great swag ideas because they are durable and easy to maintain. This item’s cotton and spandex blend comes in over 12 colors you can choose from.

Get your New Era Fitted Cotton Hat.

3. Jonathan Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are trendy accessories that employees can wear on vacation or to the office on a casual work day. You can have your company logo or tagline embroidered onto the item.

Bucket hats are a great choice for branded apparel, as they come in various eye-catching colors, which makes the company logos look even more attractive when customized. In addition, the materials are durable, and buying hats in bulk makes them a cost-effective choice.

Get your Jonathan Bucket Hats.

4. Customized Cotton Visors

Visors are good promotional apparel ideas for businesses because they are easy to design and wear. Workers can wear them to games, sporting events, or to compliment certain outfits.

This product comes in over ten colors, and the design ensures that all members of your team can enjoy wearing them outdoors. Your logo or company name on the front of this item creates brand awareness.

Get your Customized Cotton Visors.

5. Customized Yoga Tank Tops

Yoga Tank Tops are good company apparel ideas because they show that the company prioritizes its team’s health and well-being. Employees can wear their customized yoga tanks at home or during fitness sessions.

The material used to make these tops is soft, durable, and comes in a wide range of colors. You can also customize the items in different fonts and colors for added style options.

Get your Customized Yoga Tank Tops.

6. Alternative Muscle Cotton Modal Tank Top

Sleeveless Shirts are great custom apparel ideas because employees can wear them for a stroll on hot days.

These shirts are excellent options for members of your team to wear on casual group outings and get-togethers. The shirt comes in black, blue fog, nickel, and white. You can also add your logo on the front to promote your company.

Get your Alternative Muscle Cotton Modal Tank Top.

7. Customized Knit Beanie Caps

Beanies are one of the most common swag apparel items for employees because they are durable, stylish, and easy to customize. With a simple logo embroidered into the material or a custom text, you can promote your brand.

These beanies come in nine solid colors, and firms can embroider their logo on the hat with up to 10,000 free stitches. Employees can wear these beanies in winter to keep warm on snowy days.

Get your Customized Knit Beanie Caps.

8. Custom Printed Gildan SoftStyle T-Shirt

T-shirts are one of the most common promotional apparel ideas to give to employees. Employees can wear these customized items during company outreach, casual gatherings, or on designated workdays. For instance, you may allow workers to wear their customized shirts to work every Friday.

This item offers many customization options, including team logos, cartoons, mottos, and group photos. Firms can choose from an impressive 55 base colors. Additionally, the shirt features a comfortable cotton and polyester blend.

Get your Custom Printed Gildan SoftStyle T-Shirt.

9. Next Level Racerback Tank Tops

Racerback Tank Tops are great promotional apparel ideas because employees can wear them casually or style them with a blazer for work.

The tops come in 25 different colors, and you can print or screen print high-quality designs on the front and back of the item. You may even use this clothing item to create awareness for certain campaigns or upcoming events.

Get your Next Level Racerback Tank Tops.

10. Custom Crew Socks

Socks are common swag ideas for employees. Workers wear socks to work often and will need them all year round. Employees may also wear their socks to the gym or even at home to keep their feet warm.

These socks feature elastic at the top to prevent them from falling down. You can create custom designs and choose to use photos of employees at work or your logo and company name.

Get your Custom Crew Socks.

11. Dyenomite 100% Cotton Rainbow Tie-Dye T-shirt

Dyenomite 100% Cotton Rainbow Tie-Dye T-shirts are one of the top branded apparel ideas for employees. Employees can wear these colorful shirts on designated days, during group outings, or to casual events.

Employees can also wear these shirts to celebrate Pride Month at work. These T-shirts are also great for targeted campaigns and awareness events for the LGBTQ community. You can simply customize the item with your logo in front, or write a catchy quote or text in front to promote your event.

Get your Dyenomite 100% Cotton Rainbow Tie-Dye T-shirt.

12. Legionnaire Fishing Hats

Fishing hats are great branded apparel ideas for your team. This item is handy during group excursions, hiking expeditions, and team gatherings on sunny days. The hat protects employees’ faces and necks from harsh weather conditions and reduces the risks of sunburns.

The hat comes in a one-size-fits-all design but features a drawstring closure for extra fitting. Additionally, the hat comes in navy and black.

Get your Legionnaire Fishing Hat.

13. Customized Leather Varsity Jacket

Customized Leather Varsity Jackets are cool swag ideas for your team. The jackets are trendy, stylish, durable, and can easily complement outfits. Members of your team can wear this jacket during group outings or parties.

This product features a wide range of color combinations and comes in even the largest sizes, so no member of your team gets left out. In addition, you can customize this item with your company logo on the breast pocket and write employees’ names and roles on the back.

Get your Leather Varsity Jackets.

14. Customized Beret

Berets are stylish headpieces often worn as part of the company uniform in formal office settings. Employees can also wear their berets to formal gatherings or use them to accessorize an outfit.

Berets are cost-effective apparel ideas and are made entirely of wool for durability. With nine colors to choose from, you can add some style to your company swag with a simple logo in front.

Get your Customized Berets.

15. Custom Logo Dri-Fit Polo

Custom Logo Dri-Fit Polos are excellent apparel for teammates. Employees can wear this product to work, casual gatherings, or even run daily errands, giving your brand needed exposure.

This shirt is made entirely of polyester and features collars and cuffs that are easy to wash and maintain. A minimalistic logo design on the breast pocket is a simple and great way to customize this product.

Get your Custom Logo Dri-Fit Polo.

16. Logo Sportswear Personalized Blazers

Personalized Blazers are great apparel ideas for employees. You can create a custom print or design for this product to match the theme of any event. Your workers can wear this blazer as part of a uniform for conventions, presentations, or formal gatherings.

The design is tailored to fit and features several pockets. You can opt for a plain design with your company logo on the breast pocket.

Get your Logo Sportswear Personalized Blazer.

17. Gildan Ultra Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Long sleeve T-shirts are versatile clothing items for employees. Workers can wear these shirts under blazers or coats or with denim trousers. Additionally, employees can wear this apparel anywhere and anytime, which is good for promoting your brand.

You have over 13 colors to choose from, including black, orange, and green, but you can select one that matches your company colors best and customize it accordingly.

Get your Gildan Ultra Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt.

18. Custom Cropped Fleece Hoodie

Cropped Fleece Hoodies are beautiful and trendy custom apparel items for employees. This item is a great way to ensure your employees dress stylishly and comfortably. Workers can wear their cropped hoodies out with friends, to the gym, or on designated days at work. For instance, you can encourage your team to wear their cropped hoodies for a team games day.

You have the option to personalize this item with your company logo or custom text on the front or back. A great idea is to print your company logo in front and write employees’ names and roles in the office at the back.

Get your Custom Cropped Fleece Hoodie.

19. Teamwear Lined Tracksuit Bottoms

Joggers are comfortable clothing items that employees can wear at home, to the gym, or at casual gatherings. This product is soft, warm, and easy to style.

The sweatpants come in black, navy, and dark green, ensuring employees can style them in various colors. You can also customize them with a full print on one leg. Of course, the best option is to write the company name.

Get your Teamwear Lined Tracksuit Bottoms.

20. Independent Trading Co. Windbreaker Zip Jacket

Casual Windbreaker jackets are simple and trendy clothing items that employees can wear to work often. Teammates can style these jackets with trousers, skirts, or jeans.

With this product, you can create a custom design on the chest or arms. So, you may imprint your company logo on the pocket and your company motto or tagline on the sleeves.

Get your Independent Trading Co. Windbreaker Zip Jacket.

21. Sublimet Mesh Cap

The Sublimet Mesh Cap is a great company apparel idea for large events, such as group meetings, marketing events, and conventions. This product is a great option for such activities because it is cost-effective and easy to customize.

This cap features a breathable mesh material to reduce heat and sweat, and the sponge front absorbs colors easily, resulting in bold and bright custom designs.

Get your Sublimet Mesh Cap.

22. Custom Gray Knit Gloves with Elastic Wrist

Colorful Magic Gloves are great promotional apparel ideas for winter because they keep workers’ hands warm and allow them to market and promote their workplace.

This product allows you to embed custom text on the palm of each glove. Of course, you will need to use your company name, and each time employees wave, they show off where they work. This text can serve as a great conversation starter and marketing opportunity for members of staff.

Get your Custom Gray Knit Gloves with Elastic Wrist.

23. Gildan Heavy Blend Sweatpants with Cuff

Sweatpants are great casual wear lined with insulated material to keep employees warm on cold days. These articles make great branded apparel ideas. Workers can wear their joggers at home or on casual strolls.

This product comes in four colors and a wide range of sizes. You also get to print or embroider your logo on the pants.

Get your Gildan Heavy Blend Sweatpants with Cuff.

24. Custom Embroidered Fleece Ear Warmer Headbands

Headband earmuffs are stylish comfort apparel ideas that warm employees’ ears during winter. Unlike regular earmuffs, workers do not need to adjust this item constantly. In fact, this product serves more than one purpose.

For employees who have issues taming their hair or putting it in a protective style at work, this band can help hold their hair in one place and keep their ears warm at the same time without worrying about committing a fashion blunder. In addition, you can customize this item with your company name and choose from eight different colors.

Get your Custom Embroidered Fleece Ear Warmer Headbands.

25. Apollo Cashmere Scarf

Apollo Embroidered Scarves are beautiful apparel ideas for winter. You may even get designs or patterns that match the holidays. For instance, you may get Christmas-themed scarves for employees. Since workers will most likely get the same designs or patterns, you can personalize this item with employees’ names or initials.

These scarves are available in 13 colors, and you can customize them with premium stitching that will make your logo bold and beautiful. You can also use employees’ names, birthdays, or initials.

Get your Apollo Cashmere Scarf.

26. Custom Football Uniforms

Custom Football Uniforms are great apparel ideas for teams. Employees can use these jerseys during team competitions, group sports events, or popular match days.

You can choose this product in different popular colors and customize it in front and back with specific text and numbers. You can ask employees to choose their lucky numbers to imprint on the jersey. Then, you insert your logo on the front and put the employees’ names on the back. This company jersey is a great way for your team to stand out during games and activities against other companies.

Get your Custom Football Uniforms.

27. Sport-Tek Quarter Zip Sweatshirt

Quarter zip sweatshirts are great apparel ideas for employees. The jackets offer warmth for cold days at work, and the zip serves as a breather in case workers need some air.

This product comes in a variety of dark colors, including graphite heather, maroon, and black. So, you may need to create a custom design or text in white to stand out against the material’s color.

Get your Sport-Tek Quarter Zip Sweatshirt.

28. Edwards Jersey Knit Acrylic Cardigan

Cardigans are fashionable, long-lasting apparel ideas that employees will love. Workers can style these items casually with jeans or wear them over more formal wear. This item will serve employees all year round, as they are fashionable and great for cold weather.

This cardigan runs up until double extra large and comes in five colors for that vibrant boost to your employees’ style. In addition, you can add your company logo on the front or use employees’ initials to personalize the sweaters.

Get your Edwards Jersey Knit Acrylic Cardigan.

29. Custom Padded Bomber Jacket

This custom padded bomber jacket is an excellent choice when considering apparel ideas for employees. This product is very comfortable and will offer employees great warmth on cold days.

This product comes in royal, black, and navy, and you can choose from several font types to customize it. You can print or embroider your company name or a tagline that will pass across your company’s vision.

Get your Padded Bomber Jacket.

30. Kariban Lightweight Trench Coat

This trench coat is a great apparel idea to keep employees warm and fashionable. The coat features a concealed zipper and inner pockets to store personal items. Additionally, the polyester jacket comes in five sizes.

To customize this item, you have the option to print or embroider your logo. You can only order this item in black, so be sure to choose print or stitching colors that will stand out.

Get your Lightweight Trench Coat.

31. Zone Swimwear Custom Swimsuit

Custom swimsuits are great comfortable apparel ideas. Perfect for your next oceanside retreat, workers can wear this swimwear during casual outings or on the beach.

With Zone Swimwear, you can customize your look, and the firm will send your recipients a fitting kit to ensure the size is right. Then, Zone Swimwear will ship the suits straight to recipients’ doors. Encourage your team to relax in the water with this custom apparel item.

Get your Zone Swimwear Custom Swimsuit.


Branded apparel ideas are customized clothing items employers give workers to show appreciation, welcome them to the team, or make their workforce stand out. These items help employers build a lasting relationship with employees, improving productivity and increasing retention rates.

Branded apparel ideas offer great promotional potential for companies. Firms gain more visibility and recognition when their employees wear branded clothes to public gatherings or events. When choosing branded apparel, it is advisable to opt for durable, cost-effective, and necessary products. Unflattering colors or apparel that do not suit the employee’s preferences will likely result in them not using it. So, you must factor in employees’ preferences.

For more brandable gift ideas, check out these lists of budget swag, swag bag ideas, and conference swag.

FAQ: Branded apparel idea for employees

Here are frequently asked questions about branded apparel ideas for employees.

What is branded apparel?

Branded apparel is customized clothing items employers give their employees to gain loyalty, boost employee productivity, and create brand awareness.

What are some good ideas for branded apparel?

Some good ideas for branded apparel are Customized Bucket Hats, Padded Bomber Jackets, and Custom Swimsuits.

What is the purpose of branded apparel?

Branded apparel aims to make your workforce stand out, make your brand visible, and promote your business.

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