Updated: May 12, 2023

22 Career Fair Swag Ideas for the Ultimate Recruiting

Here is our list of the best career fair swag ideas.

Career fair swag ideas are items companies can brand a logo or slogan on before distributing for free or at a discount. Companies use these items for brand marketing and promotion. Examples include Specter custom mouse pads, Bomler wooden bookmarks, and Zazzle violet lavender bookbinders. The purpose of these items is to maximize business advertising so prospective employees are interested in your company.

Career fair swag ideas are similar to trade show swag, conference swag, and marketing swag. You can work with corporate swag vendors to find the best items for your event.

This list includes:

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  • recruitment merchandise
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  • career fair swag items
  • college career fair swag

Here we go!

List of career fair swag ideas

You can choose any item for your career fair swag ideas, but selecting items relevant to the audience is best when a company targets a recruitment or college career drive. Items can be career, corporate, or leisure driven, but the focus must remain on the receiver. Here is a detailed list of swag ideas that are great for every company.

1. Lulu Custom Magazine

Companies can create an eye-catching, information-packed magazine as one of their recruiting swag ideas to give away at any career fair. Lulu Custom Magazine Maker allows companies to design and develop a magazine from scratch. All of the services and designs are available online. Lulu offers design and development help, but the magazine creation service is easy to use and follow. Lulu will print and ship all magazines at a company’s request.

Learn about Lulu’s custom magazine.

2. Custom Pins Challenge Coins

A challenge coin is a top option for a unique addition to a company’s swag list. Many companies and institutions have personalized coins that act as souvenirs and branded accessories. A custom coin can have any design or pattern and come in any material type, metal, copper, or plastic. Custom Pins gives companies access to create a unique coin from scratch. The coin can be intricately made or have a simple pattern. In addition, companies can also pick from a list of predesigned coin patterns.

Learn about Custom Pins challenge coins.

3. Zazzle Infographics Poster

Infographics are helpful graphic documents companies spread information. An infographic is visually entertaining and includes summaries of a topic’s key points. Companies setting up at a career fair can create an infographic highlighting the benefits of joining the company and all the opportunities available to a new graduate. The Zazzle infographics poster is a free online template creator that lets companies design diagrams. Zazzle allows companies to customize the size, color, font, style, pattern, and text. When a company has created the design, Zazzle offers a print and ship or download feature.

Learn about the Zazzle infographics poster.

4. Print Runner Resume Templates Catalog

Resumes are an intricate part of most college students and prospective workers. A professional resume template can highlight a resume’s strong points, and a poor resume can quickly end a job prospect. Companies, locations, and countries have different resume standards, so it is essential to identify which format is most acceptable in an environment. A resume template collection catalog will list various resume styles and where these templates are acceptable. Print Runner offers custom catalog printing, so firms can add their top resume templates to each page. Firms can use these publications to give college students and prospective job seekers professional application assistance.

Learn about the Print Runner catalog.

5. The Pin People Logo Brooch

A brooch is a pinup fashion accessory that complements an outfit while sharing a message or information. Logo brooches can also be brand promotional items with a company logo or pattern. Pin People offers a guided process for companies to design a logo brooch. The creation process covers material, design, patterns, logos, shapes, and sizes. For companies that require design help, Pin People offers in-house design assistance. A brooch is a subtle and long-lasting way to promote a business or brand.

Learn about The Pin People logo brooch.

6. Custom Gear Digital Voice Recorder

A digital voice recorder is a mini machine that records and plays short audio media. This manual audio recorder is perfect for students to record lectures and training sections. Thus, digital voice recorders make a great swag item for career fairs. The digital voice recorder by Custom Gear comes with a one-gigabyte capacity, an in-built microphone, and 64 hours of recording time. Students can connect the recorder to a PC and listen to or download the recordings. The digital voice recorder comes in black, and companies can add a logo to the body.

Learn about Custom Gear digital voice recorder.

7. Optiprint Custom Dry Erase Lapboard

Made from durable, high-quality materials, these lapboards provide a sturdy surface for writing, drawing, and working on any task. The smooth, easy-to-clean surface allows for quick and easy erasing. The product is also portable so that students can carry it around. The Optiprint Custom Dry Erase lapboard can come in various shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. Companies must work with Optiprint designers to create a customized board with a brand logo or design.

Learn about Optiprint custom dry erase lapboard.

8. Crestline White Buttermints

If you are looking for a tasty way to leave a lasting impression, then these imprinted buttermints are an excellent idea. These melt-in-your-mouth treats are specially blended for that creamy texture and individually wrapped for easy distribution. With a four-month shelf life, these buttermints are the perfect way to sweeten your marketing efforts. In addition, you can customize the back of each wrapper with your brand logos and messages in the same imprint color as the front. These buttermints are available in a variety of colors and packaging options.

Learn about Crestline white buttermints.

9. Roman Tavast Bespoke Tie Clips

A Bespoke Tie clip is a personally designed accessory made as a one-of-a-kind product. Many companies now have custom-made corporate accessories with a brand design and logo. A branded tie clip falls under these corporate accessories, and they make excellent merchandise. College students and potential workers will have many days to promote the tie clip brand. The Roman Tavast is a renowned business with a positive reputation for developing high-quality custom-made tie clips. Companies have access to predesigned clip options or a make-from-scratch option. Each design includes an opportunity to place a logo or a pattern that will be unique to the company.

Learn about Roman Tavast’s bespoke tie clips.

10. Envelopes.com Custom Envelopes

Envelopes come in various sizes and uses, are reusable, and can last long if in good hands. All these points make envelopes one of the top career fair swag items. Envelopes.com offers a self-design feature that lets companies custom-make an envelope. The self-design feature controls envelope size, color, pattern, design, and text. Companies can also upload artwork that Envelopes.com will imprint on each product. For companies that would rather not make one from scratch, the website offers an array of predesigned envelopes with some customization options.

Learn about Envelopes.com custom envelopes.

11. Business Printing Custom File Folder

File folders are office accessories that hold papers and documents in pockets or folds. Folders can come in cardboard, leather, or plastic and help classify documents. Folders are easier to take around, particularly the zip folders. The Business Printing custom file folder lets businesses determine the size, paper type, text, front and back finishing, color, and folding. A customized file folder is a relevant college career fair swag item to consider.

Learn about the Business Printing custom file folder.

12. Andaz Press Motivational Desk Frame Art

Students studying and workers searching for jobs can get tired and frustrated. However, a little motivation can go a long way in boosting morale. Motivational art with inspiring words is a powerful support for the stressed-out student and job seeker. Thus, companies can offer motivational desk art as part of their swag items at any career fair. The Andaz Press motivational desk frame art by Koyal lets companies customize a few words of motivation. The art comes in a glass frame with a platform, and the text background has several color options.

Learn about Andaz Press motivational desk frame art.

13. Bomler Wooden Bookmark

Bookmarks are reading accessories that identify the last read page or an important page in a book. Students and businesspeople alike use bookmarks, making this accessory one of the top recruiting swag ideas. Most bookmarks come in paper or plastic, but the Bomler bookmark is wooden, giving it a unique look. The firm carves ruler patterns into each bookmark. Also, companies can engrave a logo on each ruler before giving it out.

Learn about the Bomler wooden bookmark.

14. Custom Ink Highlighters

A highlighter is a permanent marker that comes in various colors. Highlighters are popular among students and workers and help to mark sections or lines in a document or paper that could be important. Custom Ink highlighters are the traditional sharpie type that comes in one color. Custom Ink lets companies custom make a highlighter choosing the color, logo, design, and pattern. Companies can get a special artist from Custom Ink to design a unique highlighter.

Learn about Custom Ink highlighters.

15. Sticker Mule Custom Coaster

A table coaster is a fabric, wood, or plastic platform. The primary duty of a coaster is to hold plates, cups, and other materials that could leave a wet patch on a table. In addition, coasters protect wood, glass, metal, and plastic tables from having ring marks. The Sticker Mule Custom Coaster comes in a 3.7-inch by 3.7-inch circle measurement. Companies can place a logo, image, or slogan at the front of the coaster. The coaster material is a thick board that can comfortably hold a large drink.

Learn about Sticker Mule custom coaster.

16. Sheet Labels Custom Sticker Rolls

Sticker rolls are simply a set of stickers with an average of 100 stickers in a roll. Job fair marketing ideas and other swag ideas will most likely include stickers. A sticker is long-lasting and helps promote a brand. Additionally, stickers are a cost-effective and potent way for a brand to market itself. Companies can use Sheet Labels’ custom-made feature to design any sticker style. With Sheet Labels, companies can customize the size, shape, color, laminate, material, and corners.

Learn about Sheet Labels custom sticker rolls.

17. Blurb Custom Notebook

Notebooks are a common swag item because of their helpful and long-lasting nature. Customization is vital to developing a notebook that stands out. Blurb custom notebook lets companies develop and design a notebook to look and feel unique. Companies can customize the back cover design or include various images within the notebook. Blurb will also let companies create their notebooks to look like a journal. Companies can design the notebook online through Blurb’s customization service.

Learn about Blurb custom notebook.

18. Hi Gift Leather Pen Pouch

Companies looking for useful recruitment merchandise can give out pen pouches. Manual writing is still prevalent, even with several digital options in place. The Hi Gift Leather pen pouch takes one or two pens at a time, which is perfect for an emergency stash. The pouch comes in black leather, and companies can customize a brand name or logo on the body.

Learn about the Hi Gift leather pen pouch.

19. VistaPrint Custom Post-it Notes

Post-it or sticky notes are a popular office accessory perfect for leaving messages, reminders, and taking notes. A sticky note can be of any size, shape, color, and material texture. VistaPrint Custom Post-it Notes include size and logo or pattern design customization. All sticky notes from Vista Print come with an adhesive at the back and 50 sheets per pad.

Learn about VistaPrint custom Post-it notes.

20. Quality Logo Products Marketing Eko Jotter

Many students still use a traditional jotter to pen down ideas and details on the go. A jotter differs from a notebook since the binder for a jotter is at the top, and a notebook’s is at the side. The marketing Eko jotter by Quality Logo Products comes with a pen attached. The jotter includes four color variations, and each paper comprises recycled materials. Companies can imprint a logo or text in any color or location on the pad.

Learn about the Quality Logo Products marketing Eko jotter.

21. Zazzle Violet Lavender Bookbinder

A bookbinder keeps documents and other related papers together. Usually, a bind or a clip will hold the documents within the binder. Binders organize and manage files for several individuals, including college students and prospective workers. The violet lavender book binder by Zazzle provides all the benefits of a binder with the addition of a simple, unique design. The binder comes with three rings and a violet lavender cover color. Companies can customize the binder by choosing an insider color, paper size capacity, monogram initials, text spine, and brand name.

Learn about the Zazzle violet lavender bookbinder.

22. Specter Custom Mousepads

Mousepads are an easy platform to roll a computer mouse over. Also, mouse pads help with friction control when using a digital drawing pad or can act as a coaster or mat for drinks and snacks. A customized mouse pad can also be a style statement or branding item. The Specter custom mouse pads offer complete customization autonomy to companies. Businesses can select from various pad sizes, lengths, and thicknesses. Companies also control what image goes on the pad, whether a full-size brand logo or a uniquely located logo branding.

Learn about Specter custom mousepads.


A successful swag item has some relevance to the receiver. For a career fair, companies need to search for products that can help college students and prospective workers identify the positives of the business and its industry. A career fair swag items list should show why a career is profitable and enjoyable. All items do not need to be career driven, as swag can be fun reminders of a brand or event.

Next up, check out these articles on corporate swag and swag bag ideas.

FAQ: Career fair swag ideas

Here are answers to questions about career fair swag ideas.

What is career fair swag?

Career fair swag products are promotional items companies give at a career fair. The goal is to attract prospective workers or graduating college students to choose a career with the company.

What are the best career fair swag ideas?

Several items can make an excellent career fair swag.

​Here is our top selection of swag ideas:

  • Zazzle infographics poster
  • Vista Prints custom Post-it notes
  • Marketing Eko jotter
  • Custom Pins challenge coins
  • Roman Tavast bespoke tie clips

More options are available, and the best idea lies in how each company hopes to connect to its audience. Whatever the case may be, the best swag ideas are ones that are relevant to the audience while maximizing brand promotion.

Why give out swag at career fairs?

Companies choose swag for career fairs to promote their brand. Items like notebooks, coins, and mousepads can last several years, promoting a brand to whoever uses it.

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