19 Best Employee Appreciation Ideas to Raise Retention

Here is our list of the best employee appreciation ideas. Employee appreciation ideas are ways employers can recognize and appreciate employees’ hard work. Examples include hosting a company-wide celebration or offering extra time off. Employees who feel recognized are six times more likely to stay at their job. These employee appreciation ideas aim to improve employee […]

The Utlimate Guide to Logo Ideas

You found our guide to logo ideas. Logo ideas are symbols and images that represent a company, organization, or brand. Examples of logos are the Nike swoosh, McDonald’s golden arches, and the Starbucks mermaid. The purpose of logo ideas is to create an identifiable icon that helps with brand recognition. Logo ideas are useful when […]

27 Employee Incentive Ideas to Motivate your Team

Here is our list of the best employee incentive ideas. An employee incentive is an initiative designed to reward employees for reaching a milestone or achieving specific goals within the company. Incentives can take the form of both financial and nonfinancial rewards. Examples include bonuses, recognition programs, and a flexible work environment. Employee incentive ideas aim to improve […]

16 Great Branding Ideas For Businesses

You found our list of the best branding ideas for businesses. Branding ideas for businesses are activities geared toward creating a unique identity for a business. Business branding aims to influence an audience’s perceptions so your brand comes to mind when considering a product or service. Examples of branding ideas include a unique logo, slogan, […]

15 Best Loyalty Program Ideas to Boost Sales

You found our list of the best loyalty program ideas. Loyalty programs are marketing strategies where businesses reward new and existing customers to encourage repeat purchases. Examples of loyalty program ideas include discounts, bonus points, and giveaways. Loyalty programs aim to ensure brand loyalty and increase sales and customer base. Loyalty program ideas are similar […]

15 Best Community Building Event Ideas

Here is our list of the best community building event ideas. Community building event ideas are activities, events, or initiatives performed to foster local relationships. Examples include donation drives, charity concerts, game nights, and talent shows. The purpose of these activities is to bring folks together, encourage positive social interactions, and promote a sense of belonging within a […]

99 Best Employee Appreciation Messages to Thank Your Team

Here is our list of the best employee appreciation messages. Employee appreciation messages are recognition statements an employer or coworker shares to praise the recipient’s efforts, successes, and contributions. Examples include “Thanks for making work feel less like work and more like a party” and “We truly value and appreciate your positivity and consistency at […]

18 Fun Employee Engagement Ideas for Companies in 2023

You found our list of the best employee engagement ideas. Employee engagement ideas are activities that organizations can use to increase workers’ enthusiasm and commitment to their work, team, or job role. Examples include team building activities, investing in employees’ interests outside work, and open brainstorming sessions. The purpose of these activities is to foster a […]

21 Top Brand Awareness Ideas for 2023

You found our list of brand awareness ideas. Brand awareness ideas are activities geared at increasing the recognition of your brand among existing and potential customers. These ideas help familiarize the public with your product or services. Examples include online contests, charity events, partnerships with other brands, and social media ads. Brand awareness ideas aim […]

15 Best Company Contest Ideas

You found our list of the best company contest ideas. Company contest ideas are competitive activities workers engage in to win prizes or gain recognition. Examples include costume contests, random acts of kindness, and flower pot decoration. The purpose of these activities is to promote teamwork, encourage healthy competition, and engage teams. ​Company contests can be an employee onboarding idea. You can give winners budget swag as prizes. This list […]