Updated: May 12, 2023

26 Best Custom Printing Ideas

You found our list of custom printing ideas.

Custom printing ideas refer to creating unique and memorable prints and designs on various materials. Examples include the Promotional Double Wheel Date Calculator, the Dry Erase Signicade A-Frame, and the Rainier Performance Cooling Towel. The purpose of these ideas is to create a one-of-a-kind product that stands out and effectively communicates a brand message to customers or prospects.

These examples are similar to corporate gift bag ideas and conference swag ideas. Businesses can get these items from banner and sign companies, promotional product companies, and gift box companies.

This list includes:

  • creative printing ideas
  • custom printed product ideas
  • custom calendar printing ideas
  • custom business printing ideas
  • custom T-shirt printing ideas
  • custom sign printing ideas

Let’s get to it!

List of custom printing ideas

With the help of advanced printing technology, brands can create unique custom designs on a wide range of materials. From the Press-N-Stick Header Standard Calendar to the Custom Printed Telescopic White Back Scratchers, here is a list of innovative ideas you can use to promote your brand, express your personality, or add a personal touch to a special occasion.

1. Custom Glow-in-the-Dark Printing

Custom Glow-in-the-Dark Printing uses special inks and paints to produce designs that gleam in the dark. This custom printing method allows businesses to apply the glow over an entire base or highlight spots in designs to create a unique look. The printing method works best on dark surfaces to produce the best glow effect.

Check out the Custom Glow-in-the-Dark Printing.

2. Augmented Reality Printing

Businesses that want to stand out from the crowd could consider Augmented Reality Printing. Brands can add augmented reality elements to promotional items, allowing users to interact with the designs using digital devices. In addition, augmented reality allows brands to restructure traditional printing methods on promotional items. Augmented Reality Printing is one of the best creative printing ideas for entities that want to invest in promotional marketing.

Book your Augmented Reality Printing.

3. Scratch Off Cards Printing

Scratch Off Cards Printing refers to custom designs with a scratch off element that allows recipients to reveal a hidden message or image. Since scratch off cards are interactive and feature an element of chance, the printing method offers businesses a unique way to increase brand memorability. Recipients need to scratch off the spot coating with a rigid object to reveal prizes, discounts, or coupon codes. Scratch off cards are lightweight, offer diverse size options, and have multiple printing areas.

Check out the Scratch Off Cards Printing.

​4. Custom Race Bib

​The Custom Race Bib is a top choice of custom printing ideas for competitive events like marathons. The race bib features a tear-resistant and non-absorbent material. Another vital feature is the non-reflective capabilities and lightweight nature. Thus, the item helps identify players and showcase a brand message without disruption.

Check out the Custom Race Bib.

5. Crescendo Decanter

Featuring a unique bottom curving, the Crescendo Decanter is a great selection of custom printing items. The decanter features an easy-to-pour neck that enhances functionality and style. Individuals can use the Crescendo Decanter to serve beverages such as wine, whiskey, or nonalcoholic drinks. The 68-ounce glass decanter also serves as a centerpiece, giving off a more polished look.

Check out the Crescendo Decanter.

​6. Four Heads Rechargeable Electric Pulse Neck Massager

The Four Heads Rechargeable Electric Pulse Neck Massager is one of the most practical custom business printing ideas. The product features four magnetic electrode pads that provide low-intensity electric current. The neck massager also has an attractive ergonomic and compact design, easing portability. Recipients can use the massager to relieve neck tension after a long drive, reading, or working. The item also improves blood circulation, making the neck massager a go-to product for busy individuals.

​Check out the Four Heads Rechargeable Electric Pulse Neck Massager.

7. Promotional Double Wheel Date Calculator

The Promotional Double Wheel Date Calculator is a clever custom printing option. The item has directions that allow users to set dates and read the number of weeks easily. Additional notable features include the metal eye protector and inner spinning wheel. Individuals in industries such as architecture, manufacturing, and engineering will relish the date locator features. In addition, brands can either imprint their logos at the center or bottom of the calendar. The Double Wheel Date Calculator can also be an attractive centerpiece in diverse spaces.

Check out the Promotional Double Wheel Date Calculator.

8. Custom Lighted Signs

Ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces, the Custom Lighted Signs tops the list of effective custom sign printing ideas. The signs market brands and illuminate spaces, helping businesses stand out. The Custom Lighted Signs also feature long-lasting LED lighting for improved visibility. Businesses in diverse sectors, whether corporate or retail, will love the variety of customizations available.

Check out the Custom Lighted Signs.

9. Custom Mailing Boxes

Customers love aesthetic packaging, which is part of what led to the unboxing trends. You can add you brand to the unboxing mix by ordering unique Custom Mailing Boxes from Packola. Brands can choose custom dimensions and print in full color. To start the design process, you can use an intuitive 3D design tool or work with a professional designer. You can print on the outside, inside, or both. The site has no minimum order quantity, and recipients can recycle the sustainably sourced packages. These boxes make a great addition to PR, apparel, and school packages.

Check out the Custom Mailing Boxes.

10. Custom Patches

Custom Patch Factory creates personal patches that fit any brand’s needs. In six easy steps, companies can create branded patches that any recipient will want to wear. First, companies choose which type of patch style they would like, such as embroidered, printed, or leather patches. Next, choose the backing, like iron on or a safety pin. Then, select a shape, like round, winged, or badge. After, decide on embroidery level and thread type. You can even order glow-in-the-dark or metallic thread! Finally, select a border style and backing cloth, and finalize any customizations. This process allows users to develop the most unique and personal patches possible for the ultimate branded look.

Check out Custom Patches.

11. Hang Tags

Like business cards, Hang Tags are versatile items businesses can use to relay a message and strategically promote themselves. These tags can speak volumes about brand identity. The custom options allow brands to use their ideal color and messaging. Retail businesses can use these tags to list product prices. Besides retail entities, Hang Tags are a great selection of custom business printing ideas for non-retail businesses. For instance, non-retail entities could convey fun facts relevant to the brand through Hang Tags. In addition, designing Hang Tags in contrast to products can help draw more attention to the brand.

Check out the Hang Tags.

12. Dimensional Lettering

With custom color paint matching, brands looking to increase visibility could opt for Dimensional Lettering. The sign option brings life to simple or complex displays, making them memorable to prospects. Brands can also opt for different materials, such as metal, acrylic, PVC Sintra, or wood. Dimensional Lettering also offers the most visual depth and versatility regarding sign placement. For instance, brands can opt for free-standing or wall-mounted options.

Check out the Dimensional Lettering.

13. Tension Fabric Banners

Banners are an eye-catching way to get the attention of passersby at an event or in front of your store. These Tension Fabric Banners from UPrinting feature two sizes, front-and-back printing options, and an optional frame. Shoppers can also add LED lights to the order for an extra pop. During the design process, you can use templates to create the perfect branded sign. The interlocking tubes on the frame make setup and takedown a breeze, so you can easily transport this pop-up to and from conferences.

Check out Tension Fabric Banners.

14. Hem Tags

If you are looking for subtle custom printing ideas, then you could try Hem Tags. These items can add a unique touch to your promotional clothing. Brands can imprint their logo, brand messaging, or a tagline on the woven tag and attach it to the sleeves, neck, or hip areas. Hem Tags are fashionable and also an affordable way to brand promotional T-shirts.

Check out the Hem Tags.

15. Custom Canopy Tents

When marketing yourself at an event, prospects should be able to tell what your business is from far away. Thus, consider ordering a Custom Canopy Tent. These ten-by-ten tents feature your logo prominently on the top, front, and back. You can also order optional add-ons, such as sandbags and travel cases with wheels. When setting up, you can set the legs at three different heights depending on your needs. The tents also feature side windscreens to protect you from the elements. Before your next big event, take a look at these tents.

Check out Custom Canopy Tents.

16. Secure It Combination Lock

As a travel essential, the Secure It Combination Lock will serve users from varying demographics. The lock features a steel construction with a steel shackle, providing extra resistance from breakage. The three-digit programmable lock has a coil cable to secure luggage, backpacks, or bikes. The combination is a handy item that ensures users get stress-free travels and enjoy their vacations. Since the lock uses digits, individuals do not need to worry about holding onto a key.

Check out the Secure It Combination Lock.

17. Holographic Stickers

The holographic printing method is a design that uses an iridescent finish to create a unique visual effect. The printing design produces three-dimensional effects when in contact with light, making the Holographic Stickers a top choice of creative printing ideas. Brands can use Holographic Stickers to give their products an eye-appealing and modern glow. These stickers also have plenty of customization options, from shapes to size to full-color printing.

Check out the Holographic Stickers.

18. The Rainier Performance Cooling Towel

The Rainier Performance Cooling Towel is a top choice for businesses searching for custom printed product ideas. The cooling towels feature chemical-free and eco-friendly material that keeps users cool in hot environments. Users only need to wet the towels and enjoy a cool and dry touch. Businesses can also offer cooling towels to employees in hot climates and prevent heat strokes and exhaustion. Individuals can also carry the towels to outdoor activities like hikes, to the beach, and during workouts.

Check out the Rainier Performance Cooling Towel.

19. Coupon Magnetic Memo Boards

Coupon Magnetic Memo Boards are custom printing items with designs on magnetic materials, providing a unique and interactive experience. The custom item includes a write-on surface with a clip and wet-erase pen. Businesses will also get four customizable coupons on the side with diverse imprint options.

Check out these Coupon Magnetic Memo Boards.

20. Custom Bookmarks

Brands in any literary industry will benefit from these simple and affordable giveaways. Shoppers can choose the size, orientation, paper type, and printing options. You can print on either one or both sides in full color. For more premium clients, you can opt for thicker paper for a luxury feel. Or, you can opt for thinner paper for more everyday giveaways. These bookmarks can also double as a calendar, a schedule of upcoming events, or a business card. When selling reading material, be sure to check out these bookmarks.

Check out Custom Bookmarks.

21. Custom Printed Telescopic White Back Scratchers

The Custom Printed Telescopic White Back Scratchers are practical items recipients will love. While the item may be unconventional, the back scratchers can promote blood flow to the body and stimulate muscles. The item is also lightweight and comes in a pocket clip, making it easy to carry around. The Printed Telescopic White Back Scratchers are also a great option for brands searching for affordable custom printed product ideas.

Check out the Custom Printed Telescopic White Back Scratchers.

22. Promotional Magnetic Jolly Snow Globe

If you want to promote a fun spirit among recipients, then you could consider offering the Promotional Magnetic Jolly Snow Globe. The item features a snap mechanism, enabling users to place their favorite pictures. The snow globe is also attractive, making it a great addition as a centerpiece. Individuals can also carry the item, given its small design. ​

Check out the Promotional Magnetic Jolly Snow Globe.

23. Vintage Round Bonded Leather Coaster

​Perfect for businesses in diverse industries, the Vintage Round Bonded Leather Coaster is a great selection of custom printing items. These items have an impressive look, are durable, and provide a protective barrier for surfaces against water and stains. The Vintage Round Bonded Leather Coaster will also reduce rattling sounds from cups and glasses. Since leather blends well with many living styles, recipients can also use the item to give a refreshing dynamic to spaces.

Check out the Vintage Round Bonded Leather Coaster.

24. All-Over Custom T-Shirt Printing

If you are looking for playful custom T-shirt printing ideas, then the All-Over Custom T-Shirt Printing is a clever pick. Businesses can design witty brand messages or playful characters all over the T-shirt. The All-Over Custom T-Shirt Printing has varying neck-rib colors, which add a playful element to the item. Brands also have three jersey fabrics to choose from.

Check out the All-Over Custom T-Shirt Printing.

25. Gallery Calendar Mouse Pad

Perfect for homes or offices, the Gallery Calendar Mouse Pad is a fantastic choice of custom calendar printing ideas. The item features a stain-resistant and high-density foam construction. Businesses can customize the mouse pad with recipients’ personal pictures, funny slogans, or brand messages. Since the mouse pad is a regular-use item, individuals will keep tabs on notable events and interact with the brand with every use.

Check out the Gallery Calendar Mouse Pad.

26. Sleeve T-Shirt

Sleeve-printed T-shirts provide brands with extra visibility. Printing your logo on the sleeves is a step that may surprise recipients. The sleeve printing idea adds a fun element to the promo items. However, reserve the sleeve imprint location for simple artwork. Brands are also free to pair the sleeve printing with other imprint areas like the front or back.

Check out the Sleeve T-Shirt.


Custom printing is a versatile and creative way to add a personal touch to a variety of materials. With so many printing options available, creating unique designs and messages that capture your imagination and showcase your style is easy. Whether you want to promote your brand, express your creativity, or add a personal touch to a gift or event, custom printing offers endless possibilities. Our list of some of the most exciting custom printing ideas can help you elevate your branding, marketing, or personalization efforts.

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FAQ: Custom printing ideas

Here are answers to common questions about custom printing ideas.

What are custom printing ideas?

Custom printing ideas refer to unique and personalized designs or artwork on different materials, such as paper or fabric. Brands can create these designs or artwork depending on the target market and custom printing requirements. Businesses and individuals can use custom printing for a wide range of purposes, including marketing, branding, personalization, and decoration.

Businesses can opt for diverse custom printing techniques, such as augmented reality, screen, and glow-in-the-dark printing. The selection of printing methods could depend on the type of promotional item, budget, and time availability. Custom printing creates products that stand out, enabling brands to communicate messages to the target audience.

What are some good ideas for custom printing?

Custom printing is an important tool for businesses looking to promote their brand, engage with customers, and differentiate themselves in a competitive market. However, we advise brands to use minimalist designs to encourage more purchases. For instance, brands that use overbranding may not appeal to recipients since individuals may feel like they are wearing logos or brand messaging. Also, be sure to be appropriate when using catchphrases. Some good ideas for custom printing include the Gallery Calendar Mouse Pad, Hem Tags, and Scratch Off Cards Printing.

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