Updated: May 17, 2023

18 Best Business Anniversary Ideas

Here is our list of the best business anniversary ideas.

Business anniversary ideas are ways to celebrate your business and coworkers’ successful years in business. Anniversaries are great ways to show appreciation for coworkers and promote workplace gratitude. Some examples include hosting a formal party, having a sale, or organizing a company trivia game. These anniversary ideas acknowledge business milestones and recognize employees’ hard work and commitment.

You can celebrate a business’s anniversary yearly after hosting a grand opening. When giving gifts for this occasion, you could consider presents for other milestones, such as new employee welcome gifts, retirement gifts, onboarding ideas, and swag bag ideas.

The list includes:

  • business anniversary gift ideas
  • small business anniversary ideas
  • business 1 year anniversary ideas
  • business 10 year anniversary ideas
  • business anniversary event ideas

Let’s get into it!

List of business anniversary ideas

From customizing your company’s logo to taking your employees for a treat, business anniversary ideas help you celebrate your years of service. Here is a list of the best ideas to commemorate your business anniversaries.

1. Host a Formal Event

Hosting a formal event is one of the best small business anniversary ideas since all your coworkers can attend. These events can either be one day or spread across the week. The right event for you could be a getaway for the whole company or a small office party.

Events are great opportunities to treat your coworkers to food, fun, and entertainment. Formal events can also come in handy in a remote workplace and be an excellent idea for workers who do not see each other daily. That way, coworkers can get to know each other and unwind.

If you want to create an unforgettable party, then consider choosing a theme. For example, your theme can be Hollywood or Back to the ’80s. The theme you choose will determine your decoration, outfits, and venue. For instance, you can host a Hollywood-themed party in a movie theater with a red carpet.

You can also award outstanding employees during these events.

​The awards may include:

  • best dressed
  • best laugh
  • most social
  • most friendly
  • eager to help out
  • trailblazer of the year

Formal events can create much-needed social media buzz and provide valuable content that you can use for months. Note that these events do not have to be indoors only. For instance, a mini-golf tournament can also be an excellent idea. You can also invite key clients and guest speakers.

2. Create a Company Trivia Game

A company trivia game is one of the best business 1 year anniversary ideas. This idea is great because it helps employees get to know each other better while bonding over company knowledge. To host this activity, divide your employees into teams, and let them compete in company trivia. You can increase the stakes by offering incentives, such as an expensive wine or a sophisticated gift basket. QuizBreaker is one example of a great place to create company trivia games.

You can create the trivia game, set a venue, and spread the word through your usual internal communications channels. Also, consider live streaming so your existing and prospective customers can enjoy the fun.

​Learn more about QuizBreaker.

3. Customize Your Brand Logo and Tagline

Changing your brand logo and tagline is one of the most outstanding business 10 year anniversary ideas. A brand logo and tagline are a part of the brand’s identity, and revamping is an excellent way to celebrate your milestones. Taglines like “Celebrating 10 years in business” or “10 years of excellence” can portray your accomplishment for all to see.

You can add this new branding to items including:

  • awards
  • company’s website
  • company’s stationery
  • email signatures
  • catalogs

Your new brand logo and tagline would look great on your social media. Whether you are marking a decade in business or your Silver Jubilee, your customers should be a part of your celebration.

4. Organize a Special Sale

A special sale is one of the most thoughtful business anniversary gift ideas for your loyal customers. To mark your anniversary, you can organize a special sale of your products at discounted prices. For instance, you can offer a 50% discount during your 50th anniversary.

Discounts attract new customers and boost sales within your existing customer base. Customers are more likely to check out your discount sale if it runs for a limited time, so let them know when it will end. As a result, your customers are more likely to view your entire product catalog to take advantage of your sale, increasing sales across the board.

Companies can also create some products they can sell solely on the anniversary day. Your anniversary is also an excellent time to launch a new product since you can easily get a lot of organic attention.

5. Organize a Referral and Loyalty Program

While anniversaries allow you to reflect on your business’s success, they can also help say a big thank you to customers and partners who have supported your business throughout the years. One of the best business anniversary event ideas to celebrate your partners is a loyalty and referral program for clients and customers.

Reward programs can also spur customers to talk about your business to friends and family. For example, you can create a code for a 5% referral bonus on every purchase. Loyalty programs help you reward existing customers as well as keep new ones. Both programs have effectively increased overall purchases, enabling you to grow and stay in business.

6. Celebrate on Social Media

With the advent of social media marketing, companies now go to great lengths to advertise their products and events to online audiences. However, your customers would appreciate celebrating with you, and your anniversary gives them that opportunity. Instead of promoting products, take the time to thank them in a full banner ad or post. You can also share a brief history of the company’s growth and highlight your customers’ importance in your journey. Expressing gratitude for your customer’s patronage offers a refreshing break from the usual company marketing.

Apart from ads, you can use the opportunity to show off your company’s culture to the world on your social media pages. Announcing the occasion and posting pictures on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn will increase publicity. If you use traditional media, then consider thanking customers who prefer those media outlets.

7. Interview Key Customers and Employees

Gathering data and feedback from customers and key employees can be an excellent business anniversary idea. The interview can provide valuable data on your company’s growth and history that you may not know. You can design good surveys into an attractive infographic format for your emails and social media.

Although customers may only sometimes respond to random surveys or interviews, your anniversary may inspire them to spend some time sharing their experience with your business. All that data can inform a video presentation you can share with your partners and customers.

The presentation can include the following:

  • notable events
  • awards
  • testimonials
  • milestones
  • revenue growth

It is best to stay honest and welcoming of critical feedback and let your customers know you are constantly improving your product and services to suit them.

8. Partner with Other Brands

No rule states that you have to celebrate your anniversary alone. Big brands have historically collaborated with other brands for anniversary celebrations for better exposure. An example is Taco Bell’s collaboration with streetwear brand Born X Raised. The partnership symbolized their heritage, including exclusive meals, merch, and internal events. Fashion brand Micheal Kors also collaborated with New York-based accessories brand ASHYA on its 40th anniversary.

However, your partnership does not have to be as elaborate as Taco Bell’s or Micheal Kors’. Instead, you could run a marketing campaign with a similar brand where you sell your products together at a discounted rate. Small, local businesses can also take advantage of this idea. For example, a local coffee shop can partner with nearby restaurants to celebrate with their shared customer base.

9. Create Customized Merch for Your Employees

Making customized merch for your employees on an important day like your anniversary reminds them they are at the center of your success. In addition, merch for coworkers fosters a culture of gratitude. If you have not made company merch before, then your anniversary is a time as good as any to create some.

Swag creates a sense of belonging, especially with remote workers. Employees working from home can use merch to connect to the on-site celebrations. For example, you can make customized hoodies, bags, or T-shirts that display your logo and slogan. Also, consider giving these gifts as a surprise to create more excitement around the products.

Get customized merch at swag.org.

10. Send Out Exclusive Content

The best marketing tip is to get your customers interested in your brand. Content is king, and your anniversary is the perfect time to send some out. The focus of content you create will focus on your brand and its growth, but you can incorporate other parts of your business. For instance, you can have long-term employees share their experiences about why they have enjoyed working at your company for so long. You could also discuss your history and detail your company culture.

Those ideas can fit into a blog, and you can share the exclusive link with your partners, business contacts, or potential and active clients. However, if you have the time, then try your hands at making a short video. For example, NBC’s streaming service, Peacock, creates an exclusive video of its original shows for its anniversary. The best part about this is that you do not need a brand ambassador or influencer to make this work. Instead, you could record the video amongst your staff and send it to customers as exclusive content. Your recipients will love the authenticity.

11. Do a Public Shout-Out to Key Employees

Beyond your internal communications where you appreciate employee contributions, show some public appreciation on professional platforms like LinkedIn. Through these posts, you can let the world know about some of your employees’ admirable accomplishments and thank them for doing a great job. In addition, recognizing employees in public will make them feel appreciated and boost their pride in the company. You can also consider doing a shout-out on your newsletters if you have one. Showing employees much-deserved love is a win-win.

12. Surprise Your Employees with Gifts

Your anniversary is a good time to show appreciation by sending a virtual gift card. You can get gift coupons for restaurants, local stores, or coffee shops around your employees’ residences.

Additionally, you can organize a takeout lunch for every employee. Most lunches cost less than $20, making them a low-budget way of appreciating each employee and making them feel good. Another way to appreciate your employees is by giving them a personalized gift basket. This gift basket could contain items you know your team loves.

​Such items may include:

  • savory treats
  • wine or champagne
  • spa items
  • candles
  • candy
  • video games

Prioritizing employees during your business anniversary is a great way to boost morale.

13. Organize Growth and Development Workshops

You can celebrate your anniversary by giving your employees the capacity to do more. Increasing capacity can mean offering assistance with learning skills in areas that interest your employees. Many employees report that professional development contributes to their productivity and job satisfaction.

The workshops can be on-site or online. A physical workshop can be a great idea if there are more than a few interested participants. You can hire a team to organize the workshops to save time for other anniversary activities. On the other hand, you can sponsor online courses to keep your team growing and engaged. Another unique idea is to subscribe to a personal development or well-being app of their choice.

14. Plan an Escape Room

Team building activities are essential, and anniversaries are a great time for these activities. These events are a fantastic way to build employee rapport, resolve conflicts, and improve performance. Escape rooms are some of the best team building ideas to create memories while bringing employees closer.

Escape rooms challenge employees to think outside the box and focus on details. Also, there is a time limit, which adds to the thrill of the experience.

Some escape room activity ideas include:

  • assembling puzzles
  • creating mazes
  • extracting items
  • revealing invisible items through light

Whether in person or online, escape room activities can be an excellent idea for any business.

15. Engage in Community Service

Your company can collaborate with nonprofit organizations to fund social programs to mark your anniversary. This activity will also contribute to your corporate social responsibility, or CSR. CSR is a great way to focus on the community and give back. CSR can range from helping those in need to taking responsibility for your effect on the environment.

For instance, you can set up a recycling program to reduce pollution. Another example is donating in an employee’s name, especially if they are passionate about a specific cause. The form of CSR you choose might depend on your industry or employees. Whatever you decide to do, better brand perception and increased employee engagement are some of CSR’s many benefits.

16. Give Employees Time Off

Rewarding employees with time off can be beneficial for them and the company. Time off allows employees to rest, vacation, or learn new hobbies. You can encourage employees to enjoy the leave by setting clear expectations of no work communications. As a result, employees return from such trips with renewed vigor, clarity, and new ideas and perspectives to improve their work.

If you cannot afford employees leaving for an extended period, then you can work on reducing their workload. The reduced workload could be reducing the number of weekly meetings or starting fewer projects. This reward sends a message of appreciation and reassures loyal employees of your commitment to their well-being. Your first step can be to have an honest conversation about how to help employees maintain a better work-life balance.

17. Invite Customers to a Cocktail Party

Employees and customers alike can enjoy parties together. Companies can invite customers to a cocktail party and share more about the plans and goals of the company in a fun setting.

Beyond networking, these parties can be a great avenue to showcase new offerings, celebrate your business’ growth, and toast the milestones you have surpassed.

​Theme ideas for a cocktail party can depend on the following:

  • the type of drinks available
  • the season
  • nearby holidays

The party can work without a theme as long as attendees have a memorable experience.

18. Offer Guided Tours of Your Business

Anniversaries are an opportunity to open your business to the public. This way, you can offer guided tours of your business. This idea is a great way to connect with existing and potential customers and share your passion for what you do.

It is a great idea to involve employees without infringing on their productivity. You can also ask employees to volunteer to help with the tour if you expect multiple groups. In any case, ensure that the tour guides are well-informed and have anticipated questions your guests might have. Business or factory tours promote your brand and increase its visibility.


Business anniversaries, like other anniversaries, are cause for celebrations. These celebrations reflect the company’s milestones and achievements and are also a great way to appreciate employees. By rewarding employees for their hard work and commitment, you tell them you appreciate them. Celebrating anniversaries benefit both your team and the company at large.

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FAQ: Business anniversary ideas

Here are some answers to questions about business anniversary ideas.

What are business anniversary ideas?

Business anniversary ideas celebrate successful years in business. Your anniversary allows you to gain more visibility for your brand and products. You also get a chance to appreciate your team’s contribution thus far.

What are some good ideas for celebrating business anniversaries?

Below are some great ideas for celebrating business anniversaries:

  • host formal events
  • play company trivia games
  • plan an escape room
  • gift coupons
  • post LinkedIn shout-outs to key employees

The goal of your anniversary celebrations is to keep employees and clients front and center.

Why should businesses hold anniversary events?

Some reasons to hold anniversary events include the following:

  • to get employees and partners together
  • to network with potential clients
  • for increased publicity and visibility
  • to boost employees’ morale

Anniversary events also help to build great memories, and planning events together builds your team.

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