18 Best Business Anniversary Ideas

Here is our list of the best business anniversary ideas. Business anniversary ideas are ways to celebrate your business and coworkers’ successful years in business. Anniversaries are great ways to show appreciation for coworkers and promote workplace gratitude. Some examples include hosting a formal party, having a sale, or organizing a company trivia game. These […]

20 Fun Corporate Event Ideas

Here is our list of the best corporate event ideas. Corporate event ideas are games and activities you can organize at a business event to make it fun and engaging for the attendees. Examples include movie nights, funny photo booths, and mixology classes. The purpose of these activities is to promote team building among employees […]

18 Company Party Event Ideas to Celebrate Your Team

Here is our list of the best company party event ideas. Company party event ideas are activities planned to celebrate office events. Examples include a funny photo booth, potluck dinner, and disco party. The purpose of these activities is to celebrate events with full spirit and promote camaraderie through workplace collaboration and appreciation. Company party event […]

22 Grand Opening Ideas for New Businesses

Here is our list of the best grand opening ideas for businesses. Grand opening ideas for businesses are activities and events a business can host to let the public know the company is now offering services or products. Businesses hold these events to market the company to potential customers while solidifying the business’s place in […]

22 Creative Open House Ideas for Businesses

You found our list of the best open house ideas for businesses. Open house ideas for businesses are activities you can run when your company wants to open its doors to entertain its customers. These ideas are a great way for businesses to showcase products and services, generate interest, and engage potential customers. Examples include […]

23 Fun Corporate Event Theme Ideas for 2023

You’ve found our list of the best corporate event theme ideas. Corporate event theme ideas offer decor and dining motifs for business-based dinners, ceremonies, and parties. Examples of these themes include Wild West, casino night, and groovy ’60s. The purpose of corporate event themes is to create an enjoyable atmosphere based on fun concepts. Corporate event theme ideas […]

18 Top Marketing Event Ideas to Promote Your Business

Here is our list of the best marketing event ideas. Marketing event ideas are strategies that promote a brand, generate leads, and increase sales. Examples include a product demonstration, social media contest, and a product launch party. The purpose of these ideas is to help businesses connect with potential customers or partners in a fun […]

26 Best Conference Event Ideas to Wow Attendees

You found our list of creative conference event ideas. Conference event ideas are new creative strategies that engage conference attendees. Examples include trivia competitions, sports simulations, and talent shows. The purpose of conference event ideas is to create a platform for industry professionals to come together and collaborate on the latest trends and advancements in a […]

20 Best Event Planning Companies and Services

Here is our list of the best event planning companies and services. Event planning companies and services help organizations plan their corporate events. These events include corporate and staff meetings, conferences, weddings, birthdays, and sports. Examples are teambuilding.com, Planning Pod, and Bizzabo. These companies help reduce the time and effort needed to plan successful events. […]

20 Best Event Planning Books

Here is our list of the best event planning books. Event planning books help guide the planning, execution, and management of a professional or intimate gathering. These books cover budgeting, organization, invites, venue selection, and general logistics. Examples include The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker and The Event Marketing Handbook by Allison Saget. These […]