Updated: May 12, 2023

24 Creative Merchandise Ideas

You found our list of the best merchandise ideas.

Merchandise ideas are branded items businesses sell to employees, customers, or prospects to promote their brand and engage users. Examples include the Cuisinart Tabletop Patio Heater, the Collapsible Automobile Sun Shades, and the Aroma Oil Diffusers. The purpose of these activities is to boost brand recognition, build customer loyalty, and raise revenue.

These ideas are similar to promotional items for businesses, conference giveaway ideas, and marketing swag ideas. These items are available at different corporate swag vendors and are clever additions to marketing gift strategies.

This list includes:

  • company merchandise ideas for employees
  • merchandise ideas for small business
  • creative merchandise ideas
  • promotional merchandise ideas
  • merchandise ideas for events

Here we go!

List of merchandise ideas

Corporate merchandise is a powerful and cost-effective marketing tool for instant brand recognition and generating more leads. From the Premium Antimicrobial Neck Gaiter to the Phone Camera Lens Set, here is a list of items businesses can use for merchandise.

1. Cool New Plastic VR Goggles

If you are looking for unique promotional merchandise ideas, then the Cool New Plastic VR Goggles are great options. Users can use the Cool New Plastic VR Goggles to replace their environment with virtual reality content like games, movies, or prerecorded activities. One of the most notable capabilities of the VR goggles is the ability to stimulate touch, vision, and hearing. With the adjustable head strap, these VR goggles ensure comfort. The Cool New Plastic VR Goggles are good merchandise options for kids and adults.

Check out the Cool New Plastic VR Goggles.

2. Cuisinart Tabletop Patio Heater

If you are looking for merchandise ideas for outdoor lovers, then you cannot go wrong with the Cuisinart Tabletop Patio Heater. The item is a stylish addition to spaces and keeps users warm. One notable feature is its lightweight and small nature. Thus, users can carry the patio heater to outdoor events and boost a brand’s image. Other notable features are the anti-tilt automatic shut-off technology, up to two and a half hours of burn time, and an adjustable heat control system.

Check out the Cuisinart Tabletop Patio Heater.

3. Bear-B-Q Meat Shredder Claws

Recipients will appreciate the Bear-B-Q Meat Shredder Claws. The item is ideal for shredding different types of meat, like chicken, pork, and beef. Users will shred meat without the need to use countless knives and forks. Given their stable and secure grip, individuals can also use the meat shredder claws to lift, pick, or move large cuts of meat. The Bear-B-Q Meat Shredder Claws are a perfect merchandise idea for homeowners or barbeque lovers.

Check out the Bear-B-Q Meat Shredder Claws.

4. Premium Antimicrobial Neck Gaiter

As one of the most versatile items, the Premium Antimicrobial Neck Gaiter is a top choice of merchandise ideas for small business owners. The item features stretch fabric with moisture-absorbing and cooling capabilities for comfort. Individuals can use the gaiter indoors and outdoors to protect themselves from allergens, dust, and the sun. The object is a great merch idea that kids and adults will wear during cooler weather. In addition, brands can imprint their logo on the neck gaiter to get optimal visibility.

Check out the Premium Antimicrobial Neck Gaiter.

5. Folding Shovel

The Folding Shovel is a versatile item that brands can offer to diverse demographics. For example, the item is a great tool to have for gardening, backpacking, or hiking. In addition, a compact folding design promotes easy carrying. Individuals can also store the shovel in the car for emergencies, especially during off-road driving.

Check out the Folding Shovel.

6. Antibacterial Wipes Canister

The Antibacterial Wipes Canister is an essential item when on the go, making it a fantastic merchandise idea. Users can wipe down surfaces, hands, or gadgets, keeping them bacteria-free and spotless. The Antibacterial Wipes Canister has 50 wipes with an alcohol-free formula and a mild scent. The item also features a snap-close lid that keeps all contents in place. With its limitless imprint options, brands will get extra visibility.

Check out the Antibacterial Wipes Canister.

7. Logo Heavy Duty Polar Ice Scrapers

The Logo Heavy Duty Polar Ice Scrapers is one of the most functional merchandise ideas for events. With its effectiveness in breaking ice into removable pieces and brushing away snow, users will use ice scrapers during winter. The Logo Heavy Duty Polar Ice Scrapers feature a ribbed grip handle for ease of use. Brands can choose among a variety of hues and even mix and match the blade colors.

Check out the Logo Heavy Duty Polar Ice Scrapers.

8. Collapsible Automobile Sun Shades

The Collapsible Automobile Sun Shades are an effective way to promote your brand. Users will receive two separate shades made from silver-coated nylon. For easy carrying and secure storage, each shade has an elastic strap. Also, the four rubber suction cups ensure the shades stay in place for extended periods. The Collapsible Automobile Sun Shades will block direct sunlight and protect the vehicle’s interior and electronics. In addition, with its auto-cooling properties, users will enjoy optimal temperatures on hot days.

Check out the Collapsible Automobile Sun Shades.

9. Swiss Force Geneva Coffee Press and Grinder

The Swiss Force Geneva Coffee Press and Grinder is a fantastic selection of company merchandise ideas for employees. The coffee press and grinder features a sturdy stainless-steel material with a ceramic grinding burr. The item also has a heat-resistant handle for easy and safe pouring and handling. The item can grind and brew coffee, so recipients will enjoy a rich coffee flavor and save on take-out costs.

Check out the Swiss Force Geneva Coffee Press and Grinder.

10. USB Rubik’s Cube

Rather than offering USB disks, you could boost your brand image with the USB Rubik’s Cube. The merch idea is a versatile item recipients can use to store their data and hold their keys. Users can also solve the Rubik’s Cube to boost their cognitive power, develop problem-solving skills, and improve their memory. Brands can personalize the Rubik’s Cube’s squares with text and logos.

Check out the USB Rubik’s Cube.

11. Phone Camera Lens Set

The Phone Camera Lens Set is a fantastic merch idea for individuals who want to improve their mobile photography and capture special moments. The item includes 180-degree, wide-angle, and micro-detachable lenses. The lens set also comes with a pouch for safe storage. The Phone Camera Lens Set is small, lightweight, and universal to any mobile phone. Users can carry this item to outdoor events and travels, giving your brand extra visibility.

Check out the Phone Camera Lens Set.

12. Custom Scented Air Fresheners

The Custom Scented Air Fresheners is a clever pick of merchandise ideas for small business owners. These items are affordable and can boost your brand image. The air fresheners will eliminate unpleasant odors from homes and vehicles. The item can trigger positive memories, especially if an individual picks up an exciting scent. Businesses have 26 fragrances to choose from. Given their affordability and practicality, companies can distribute the air fresheners to many prospects.

Check out the Custom Scented Air Fresheners.

13. Indoor Wall Tapestries

Some of the best merchandise items businesses can offer homeowners are Indoor Wall Tapestries. These items add a pop of color and vibrancy to spaces with minimal effort. The Indoor Wall Tapestries feature a durable 100% polyester material that retains its shape even with extended use. The item also dries quickly and comes in vibrant colors to match diverse home designs. Other notable qualities are the mildew and water-resistance capabilities, ensuring years of beautiful decoration.

Check out the Indoor Wall Tapestries.

14. Wall Decals

Wall Decals are fantastic merchandise items recipients can use at home or in their offices. The merchandise item features a polyester fabric with a woven texture. These items are durable and feature eye-catching colors with a matte finish. Wall Decals also provide great coverage for logo and brand messages.

Check out the Wall Decals.

15. Promotional Premier Stadium Seat Cushion

Brands searching for promotional merchandise ideas could try the Premier Stadium Seat Cushion. Recipients can use these vibrant and comfortable cushions to make any seat comfortable, whether during stadium games, beaches, summer camps, or parks. Other notable features are the dirt and water-resistance capabilities and compact nature for easy carrying. The Promotional Premier Stadium Seat Cushion has a large imprint area for brands to showcase their logo.

Check out the Promotional Premier Stadium Seat Cushion.

16. MicroHalt Clean Key Stylus

The MicroHalt Clean Key Stylus is a functional and affordable merchandise item. One of the most important features of the key stylus is its antibacterial properties, which prevent the growth and spread of bacteria. The item helps users avoid direct contact with high-touch surfaces like doors, ATMs, checkout keypads, and gas station buttons. Recipients can also use the versatile item to hold grocery bags. The Door Opener Touch Tool is available in a variety of colors.

Check out the MicroHalt Clean Key Stylus.

17. Bumper Sticker Magnets

Brands looking to advertise on cars cannot go wrong with Bumper Sticker Magnets. Individuals will use bumper stickers to showcase favorite phrases and maintain a clean look after removing the signs. The sticker magnets are a great alternative to old vinyl bumper stickers since they are mess-free and reusable. You can consider using humorous and respectful messages to poke fun at day-to-day situations. To boost visibility, add your logo or message, as users will promote your brand whenever they drive.

Check out the Bumper Sticker Magnets.

18. Seven Day Morning & Night Med Minder Strip Pillbox

The Seven Day Morning & Night Med Minder Strip Pillbox is one of the most practical and affordable merchandise ideas for events. With the separate morning and nighttime minders, individuals will organize their medication doses for seven days. Other functional features include large embossed letters and braille texts. The pillbox promotes wellness by helping individuals remember to take medicine and simplifying a complicated schedule. This merchandise is ideal for community members, parents, or seniors.

Check out the Seven Day Morning & Night Med Minder Strip Pillbox.

19. Spidey 9-in-1 Screwdrivers with LED Torch

Spidey 9-in-1 Screwdrivers with LED Torch can benefit individuals in any industry sector, from construction workers to DIY lovers. The toolkit features an LED light, three flat beads, three Philips heads, and an eyeglass tool with a screw. The Spidey 9-in-1 Screwdrivers with LED Torch also comes with batteries for convenience. These items are functional at home, in the office, or on the road.

Check out the Spidey 9-in-1 Screwdrivers with LED Torch.

20. Customizable Rectangular Tabletop Fire Pit

The Customizable Rectangular Tabletop Fire Pit tops the list of creative merchandise ideas. The portable item adds an instant ambiance and warmth to spaces. Users will enjoy the ease of transport and the versatility of the firepit. Since the firepit uses odorless and smokeless rubbing alcohol, it is perfect for use in indoor or outdoor spaces. The Customizable Rectangular Tabletop Fire Pit has a 40- to 50-minute flame longevity.

Check out the Customizable Rectangular Tabletop Fire Pit.

21. Rotating Magnetic Levitation Desk Globe

The Rotating Magnetic Levitation Desk Globe is a great merchandise product for professionals who deal with international locations or travel agents. The seven-inch item features a unique floating design powered by magnets. As such, the desk globe gives a mid-air floating appearance, making it a functional decor piece for offices or homes. Brands can choose silver, blue, or brown globe colors.

Check out the Rotating Magnetic Levitation Desk Globe.

22. Custom Label Single Cup Coffee

The Custom Label Single Cup Coffee is a top pick of company merchandise ideas for employees. Businesses have a variety of gourmet blend coffee roasts that will appeal to many users. The coffee blend comes in a gift box with a food-grade sealing lid. Brands are free to mix coffee flavors with hot cocoa and tea. Coffee lovers will relish and share the Custom Label Single Cup Coffee with their loved ones.

Check out the Custom Label Single Cup Coffee.

23. Aroma Oil Diffusers

Featuring a soothing lighting option, the Aroma Oil Diffusers are a great merch idea for workers, especially remote employees. The-150 milliliter diffusers have up to six hours of continuous use. The aromatherapy diffuser will fill spaces with a natural fragrance, enabling users to relax and unwind after a long day. This item will also improve clarity and focus, clear airways for easier breathing, and promote better sleep.

Check out the Aroma Oil Diffusers.

24. Light Up Pillow with Slow Change LED Mood Lighting

The Light Up Pillow with Slow Change LED Mood Lighting tops the list of creative merchandise ideas. The pillow has an interior with 100% polyester materials, ensuring durability. The Light Up Pillow Mood Lighting will help users create spaces with low light levels and increase the ambiance. Individuals struggling with cognitive performance and folks who dislike bright lights will appreciate the Light Up Pillow. Recipients can use this item in their homes, offices, or during vacations, boosting a brand’s image.

Check out the Light Up Pillow with Slow Change LED Mood Lighting.


Merchandise items can be vital in engaging prospects and building a successful brand. These products can also help businesses create lasting customer impressions, boost employee morale, and increase brand visibility. However, we advise companies to offer unique and creative items aligning with the brand messaging and identity. Regardless of the size of your entity, check out our list of the best merchandise items, and take your brand to the next level.

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FAQ: Merchandise ideas

Here are answers to common questions about merchandise ideas.

What are merchandise ideas?

Merchandise ideas are creative concepts for physical products or branded items a company can create and offer for sale to customers, employees, or prospects. Businesses can customize their branding elements to create a consistent look and feel across all promotional materials. Brands can sell merchandise online, in retail stores, or at events. Entities could also use the products as incentives for customer loyalty programs or as giveaways at promotional events.

What are some good ideas for merchandise?

Businesses can select merchandise items based on factors such as the company’s brand identity, target audience, marketing goals, and current trends. However, the key to offering merchandise that sells is to learn and understand your audience, provide useful items, focus on quality, and have fair pricing.

For instance, a travel company could offer practical products such as passport cases, toiletries, or luggage locks. On the other hand, beauty brands could provide skincare sets, makeup bags, or silky robes. However, brands should not limit themselves to niche products. Rather, we encourage businesses to mix up niche products and fun picks. Some good ideas for merchandise include the Cool New Plastic VR Goggles, Promotional Premier Stadium Seat Cushion, and the Customizable Rectangular Tabletop Fire Pit.

Why is corporate merchandise important?

As one of the most effective tools for boosting brand image, merchandise items are a valuable part of an entity’s marketing mix.

Here are some of the benefits of merchandise for businesses:

  • Brand awareness: Corporate merchandise is an effective way to increase brand awareness and recognition. When employees, customers, or partners wear or use branded items, they become walking billboards for the company, leading to extra brand visibility and recognition.
  • Customer loyalty: Corporate merchandise can show appreciation and build loyalty with customers. Offering merchandise, whether free samples or gifts with purchases, can create a positive impression and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Employee morale: Corporate merchandise can boost employee morale and motivation. Branded items like company-branded apparel, home essentials, or office supplies can help employees feel a sense of pride and belonging, boost productivity, and increase job satisfaction.
  • Marketing campaigns: Corporate merchandise can be a key marketing campaign component. Businesses can use merchandise during trade shows, conferences, or online marketing campaigns.

Merchandise provides an opportunity for businesses to build relationships with product users. However, companies must ensure their merchandise choices positively impact their bottom line.

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