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18 Best Trade Show Giveaway Ideas

Here is our list of the best trade show giveaway ideas.

Trade show giveaway ideas are promotional items you can offer at trade shows and fairs to attract potential customers to your stand. These items are typically branded and are long lasting to keep your brand top of mind. Examples include the Ember temperature control smart mug, mini blueberry preserve jar, and Chenille blanket. These trade show giveaway ideas aim to ensure your brand remains in guests’ minds when they leave the event.

Trade show giveaway ideas are similar to conference swag ideas, promotional giveaways for businesses, corporate giveaway ideas, and career fair swag ideas. You can use branding ideas and logo ideas to create the perfect product symbol.

This list includes:

  • trade show items
  • cheap trade show giveaways
  • unique trade show giveaways
  • sustainable trade show giveaways
  • custom trade show giveaways

Let’s get to it!

List of trade show giveaways ideas

From printed safety light wristbands to Enduro Sports towels, here is a list of the best trade show giveaway ideas.

1. Mini Blueberry Preserve Jar

The blueberry preserve jar is highly suitable if you own a brand that sells household products. The jam’s simple ingredients make for a delicious treat. Also, the jar is simple and portable with a certified corrosion-resistant gold lid. You can easily inscribe your logo on the side of the sustainable and cost-friendly jar. In addition, sustainable trade show giveaways ensure you are in tune with the environment’s needs.

The jar’s excellent quality and sturdy glass incorporates good sealing and prevents leakage. The jar’s design is homely and easy to use, making the glass suitable as a giveaway item. The glass is made from BPA-free, safe-grade glass, meaning it is food safe. After eating the jam, the jar can store honey, spices, or chutney.

Get the mini blueberry preserve jar.

2. Custom 3-Piece Nail Polish Set

Customizable nail polish is one of the top trade show items for beauty-centered brands. This nail polish comes in a classic silver ribbon bag, making the polish attractive to passersby. The bags come blank, but you can also customize them. The polish is free from formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP. Additionally, the affordable nail polish comes in a wide variety of colors.

Customizing your nail polish bottles is straightforward. The company can inscribe your logo and brand name on the bottle. The inscriptions are long lasting and can make your brand stand out to your target market. As long as nail polish is left, your recipients will remember your brand whenever they reach for this bottle.

Get the custom 3-piece nail polish set.

3. Arc Clifford Inversion Umbrella

The 48-inch Arc Clifford umbrella is not your typical umbrella. Unlike other umbrellas that close in on the user, the inversion umbrella closes inside out, draining the water away from the user. The inside-out feature makes the umbrella easy to use when getting in or out of vehicles without getting wet. The manual-open umbrellas come in top-quality pongee material with a khaki underside to ensure durability.

The quality of the material creates an appealing aesthetic, so the Arc Clifford umbrellas can serve as a fashion statement. Companies can choose from various colors, and you can decorate each to your taste. Umbrellas are unique gift and giveaway items, but giving out branded Arc Clifford inversion umbrellas shows that your company pays attention to little details.

Get the Arc Clifford inversion umbrella.

4. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Ember produces self-heating coffee mugs. This mug is a mix of high-quality ceramic and technology. Ember mugs have a sleek design and come with an app to control the temperature from your smartphone. The cups are scratch-proof and have an LED light that indicates extreme temperature changes. With a battery life of about two hours, the mugs have a capacity of six to 14 ounces.

The Ember smart mug is highly suitable for a giveaway if you run a tech company. The cup suits businesspeople who need to maximize productivity without leaving their workspace. In addition, the smart mug is a pricey giveaway gift item that makes a statement. You can include the Ember mug in your unique trade show giveaways list if your target market is high-performing professionals.

Get the Ember temperature control smart mug.

5. “Oberlin” Retractable Carabiner Style Badge Reel & Badge Holder

The carabiner style badge is a standard badge holder for professionals across many institutions. The reels are durable and practical, as they make identification possible. Usually, these products would bear the logo of the issuing company. However, you can imprint your logo on the reel section.

The retractable carabiner style reel comes with metal backing and clip. You can get the reels in different colors and transparency. The products also allow printing, making them a suitable choice for a giveaway.

Get the “Oberlin” retractable carabiner style badge reel & badge holder.

6. Printed Safety Light Wristbands

The Printed Safety Light Wristbands show you care for your trade show audience’s safety. Since fitness has become a big part of folks’ lives, going on late-night runs has become more common. Some of your participants may also be biking or walking when it is dark outside. Hence, safety on the roads or paths audiences take is a concern.

The light wristbands remedy that problem by lighting up so your recipients are more visible in the dark. Passersby and drivers can easily spot the wristband wearers ahead, preventing collisions. The band can blink or just stay on in a permanent glow. The gift includes a battery, so it is ready to wear.

Another great feature is that the light wristband is stretchy to fit most users’ wrists. The flexibility means that your recipients can protect their kids with the push of the wristband’s power button.

You also get to customize the wristband with your logo. The manufacturer uses a pad print for customization and charges for logo setup. Custom trade show giveaways like the band remind your participants of your brand. For additional customization, choose from seven color choices that best suit your brand.

Show the participants you care with the printed safety light wristbands.

7. Raja Yoga Mat

The community of yoga enthusiasts is ever growing, as many folks are paying more attention to their physical and mental health. The Raja yoga mats are perfect for a healthcare brand or if you have a target customer base of physically active individuals. The mats come in blue and black with a black harness and strap that ensure proper storage. These customizable items are comfortable for the feet and easy to roll up.

With these hand-washable mats, you can gain more traction at your next trade show. In addition, you can personalize the mats with your logo and artwork. With a quick production time of fewer than ten days, you can get your custom yoga mats within two weeks.

Get the Raja yoga mats.

8. Zazzle Luggage Bag Tag

Heavy travelers usually have a problem identifying their luggage in a huge pile. If you are exhibiting at a travel theme trade show, then consider giving away branded luggage tags. The tags come in a variety of unique designs, and you can easily inscribe your brand on the tags. Brandable tags come in different materials, including metal, plastic, and leather. You can choose higher-quality leather tags for your high-end clients.

The leather strap on the tags ensures the luggage’s integrity in most conditions. The tag is easy to use on carry-ons, duffle bags, and backpacks. You can add your logo to this luggage bag tag and ensure your brand goes international. Travel luggage tags are affordable, and you can order them in large quantities.

Get the customizable Zazzle luggage bag tag.

9. Chenille Blanket

Depending on your target customer, the Chenille blanket is a soft giveaway option you should consider. The blankets are 100% polyester, which makes them fuzzy on both sides. The blankets come in six colors, and you can embroider your brand logo on the corner. Embroidering your logo ensures no amount of washing can remove your inscription from the 62-inch x 48-inch blanket.

The branded Chenille blanket comes in bulk for your prospective customers. The blankets will come in handy in the cold seasons and make great gift items. With this washable item with a bag, you can keep your brand on the consumers’ minds longer.

Get branded Chenille blankets.

10. Enduro Sports Towel

The luxurious Enduro Sports towel is manufactured from high-quality soft cotton. The towel has a smooth fret area that can accommodate all forms of branding. You can inscribe your brand logo on the towel using high-quality embroidery. In addition, the towels are large and come in a wide range of colors to fit your brand identity.

These medium embroidery colorflex transfer towels add luxury to your trade show. With the durability and usefulness of the Enduro Sports towel, you can rest assured that your brand will remain with your customers for a long time.

Get the Enduro Sports towel.

11. Eco Color Bound JournalBook Bundle Set

This eco journal is a sustainable trade show giveaway option for companies passionate about the climate. Made from recycled paper, the hardbound cover has a slight color accent around the edges. You can get this item in bulk with your company logo embossed with custom metal dye.

The package comes with a journal book and an Ambassador Square ballpoint pen, which you can customize for the full experience. You can also opt for the printing option depending on your budget. This giveaway will attract a sustainable consumer base for your business.

Get the eco color bound JournalBook bundle set.

12. PopSockets PopGrip

PopGrips have become a staple phone accessory in recent years. PopGrips are a classy way of handling phones and ensuring proper grip. PopGrips by PopSockets are compatible with all mobile phones. The grips are anti-drop and allow for one-handed handling of your phone. In addition, the PopGrips are compatible with other phone accessories, including wallets, cases, and slides.

The grips are easy to handle and can help prop your phones. You can stick the grip on the phone using the adhesive and reposition it appropriately. The items suit the younger demographic of customers who regularly use their phones. The grips come in different colors, and you can imprint your brand on the circular surface.

Get the PopSockets PopGrip.

13. Oracle Webcam Cover

For as low as $0.78, you can have practical and cheap trade show giveaways that your customers will love, like this webcam cover. The cover is a simple tool that blocks the view of computer cameras when not in use. In the age of social hacking, any computer user can be a victim. A webcam cover guarantees that no amount of software manipulation can allow hackers to monitor recipients via video.

You can order 300 to 499 pieces of the webcam cover at $0.78 per piece. However, the product gets cheaper the more you order. Five thousand pieces only cost $0.65. The cover is plastic and available in five colors. Additionally, the item’s thinness and lightness mean it works well for laptops. Right in front, you can add your logo to promote your brand.

Get the Oracle webcam cover.

14. Steel City Wireless Headphones

Steel City is a specialist in making branded merchandise for companies. The wireless headphones are foldable with headbands that enable comfort. This device has a built-in lithium battery that delivers up to four hours of playback. In addition, the headphones can charge back to maximum capacity in two hours and have a Bluetooth range of 10 meters.

You can get these USB-powered headphones in black and customized with your company’s logo and name. The headphones are perfect for a young demographic or physically active consumers. Wireless headphones are also suitable for technology and music companies.

Get the Steel City wireless headphones.

15. Razer Gigantus V2 Mouse Pad

The Razer V2 mouse pad is a budget-friendly giveaway item. The mouse pad has a textured surface and a non-slip underside that keeps it stable. The mouse pad also uses a micro-weave soft cloth, padded for maximum comfort. You can get the pad in classic black color and about four sizes. With the precise pixel-tracking of the mouse pad, you can use different mouse sensors without losing traction.

The mouse pad suits trade shows because you can inscribe your brand and keep it on the user’s mind. The Razer Gigantus V2 mouse pad will appeal to professionals, gamers, and regular home office users. The pad is highly durable and easy to maintain, as it looks new with a simple wipe-down with a damp cloth.

Get the Razer Gigantus V2 mouse pad.

16. Bora Wooden Wireless Charging Pad

The Bora wooden wireless charging pad is a classic trade show giveaway. The charging pod gives a sense of professionalism to the indoor spaces. The wireless charger supports wireless charging for a wide range of smart devices, including the Samsung Galaxy, HTC, and Google Nexus. The charger also supports iPhones with wireless charging, and you can get an external wireless charger receiver.

The charging pad is made from mahogany and seamlessly charges through most plastic phone cases. The charger comes with micro to USB charging cables. Also, the wireless charger comes in an FSC Certified white box, perfect for gifting. You can customize the wooden top using a laser-etched design.

Get the Bora wooden wireless charging pad.

17. Samsonite Executive Computer Tote

The Samsonite Executive computer tote is great for trade show shoppers in business sectors. For an elegant look, the bag uses poly twill and genuine leather. The bag comes in different sizes and has multiple enclosures. Users can store daily necessities and tech accessories in this spacious item. In addition, the bag fits seamlessly with traveling luggage and is easy to carry.

Laptops up to 15 inches will fit easily, and the item has an interior tri-lock lining that can fit up to an 11-inch tablet. The bag also comes with a zippered pocket and key leash and can hang over the luggage handle. Recipients can store journals, phones, and other tech gadgets. The bags are made from premium material and are customized with embroidery.

Get the Samsonite Executive computer tote.

18. Customized Colorbrite Hand Grip Stress Balls

Stress balls are suitable giveaway items for adults and professionals. Customized Hand Grip Stress Balls serve multiple purposes, including strength training, stress relief, and wrist rehab and therapy. The balls are made from foam or thermoplastic elastomers and are portable. You can choose from various colors and customize the balls with your logo. The balls come in different colors, designs, and sizes.

Professionals who spend long hours using a keyboard or mouse would enjoy using the balls to relax. In addition, the balls’ design can help folks with arthritic hands ease pain. Stress balls also help professionals remain focused and calm within the office space. Giving out a stress ball at your next trade show positions you as a customer and employee-centric organization.

Gift the Colorbrite hand grip stress balls at your next trade show.


The best tradeshow giveaways attract customers to your stand, giving you a chase to exhibit your product or service. However, the gifts also keep you and your exhibition in the mind of potential customers. Hence, customization is important. Your brand logo and tagline can keep your first impression in your customer’s minds.

To maximize your investment, ensure you have a great presentation for visitors to your stand. Also, remember to keep the presentation short and fun. Your potential customers are more likely to remember cheerful experiences, especially those that end with a giveaway.

For more giveaway inspiration, check out these articles on promotional gift items, promotional items for businesses, and swag bag ideas.

FAQ: Trade show giveaway ideas

Here are common questions and answers about trade show giveaway ideas.

What are trade show giveaways?

Tradeshow giveaway items are products given to participants to promote a company. You can send the items to existing or prospective customers to maintain or encourage patronage. Trade show giveaway items help companies build a loyal customer base that can bring new customers through referrals. Giveaway items should be a part of a company’s marketing budget.

What are some good ideas for trade show giveaways?

Here are some good ideas for trade show giveaways:

  • Eco Color Bound JournalBook Bundle Se
  • Printed Safety Light Wristbands
  • Chenille Blanket
  • Raja Yoga Mat
  • Enduro Sports Towel

The tradeshow giveaway ideas offer different kinds of utility to the customers.

Why give away branded items at trade shows?

Branded items are a great way to build brand awareness. Consumers usually keep the items, so they can spark conversations that lead to sales. Branded items also create goodwill in the customers’ minds, as they are usually products the consumers did not know they needed. The goodwill then turns to loyalty, benefiting the company’s brand and revenue. Giveaway items also attract potential customers to your stand, as trade show participants love freebies.

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