Updated: May 12, 2023

24 Best Work Uniform Ideas

You found our list of work uniform ideas.

Work uniform ideas are creative and innovative ways of designing work attire that meets a workplace’s functional and aesthetic needs. Examples include the Custom Embroidered Knit Winter Scarf with Fringe and the Unisex Short Sleeve Basic Jersey T-shirt. The purpose of these uniforms is to improve employee comfort, enhance brand identity, and promote safety and hygiene.

Businesses can get these branded apparel ideas from custom printing companies and swag vendors.

This list includes:

  • types of work uniforms
  • ways to spice up your work uniform
  • corporate uniform ideas
  • office uniform ideas

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List of work uniform ideas

With the wide variety of work uniforms, businesses could make clothing more appealing by adding elements such as style, color, fit, materials, and accessories. From the Port Authority Denim Jacket to the Speckled Custom Logo Knit Beanie Winter Hat, here is a list of business uniform ideas.

1. Core Classic Pique Pocket Polo

The Core Classic Pique Pocket Polo tops the list of simple office uniform ideas. The versatile, affordable, and stylish item is a top choice for official wear. The Core Classic Pique Pocket Polo also combines the formality of polo and the comfort of a shirt, giving teams a more professional look. Brands will also love the dye-to-match buttons and the side vents. Since the polo shirt features breathable fabric and moisture-wicking capabilities, employees will enjoy the ventilation and sweat-absorbing capabilities.

Check out the Core Classic Pique Pocket Polo.

2. Port Authority Denim Jacket

The Port Authority Denim Jacket may be an unusual type of work uniform. However, the attire makes a great selection for companies with a casual dressing day. The jacket features button cuffs, adjustable waist button tabs, and front pockets. The Port Authority Denim Jacket is also durable, versatile, and presentable for an official dress code. Other advantages of the denim jacket as a work uniform are the ease of pairing it with other clothing and the ability to wear it in diverse weather conditions.

Check out the Port Authority Denim Jacket.

3. Unisex Short Sleeve Basic Jersey T-shirt

The Unisex Short Sleeve Basic Jersey T-shirt is one of the best work uniform ideas for diverse industries. Workers can wear the T-shirt as everyday casual clothing and in heavy-duty work settings. In addition, the T-shirts have appealing features such as taped shoulder seams, hemmed sleeves, and inset neckband. The Unisex Short Sleeve Basic Jersey T-shirt is also high-quality and offers a professional look with minimal effort.

Check out the Unisex Short Sleeve Basic Jersey T-shirt.

4. 1/4-Zip Sweatshirt

Perfect for indoor and outdoor work environments, the 1/4-Zip Sweatshirt is a great choice of work uniform ideas. The attire has a flattering V-neckline for additional elegance and breathability. Other notable features include the durable polyester and cotton blend material, the twill-taped neck for extra support, and the rib-knit waistband.

Check out the 1/4-Zip Sweatshirt.

5. Custom Embroidered Knit Winter Scarf with Fringe

The Custom Embroidered Knit Winter Scarf with Fringe tops the list of ways to spice up your work uniform. The item is a great accessory to enhance a corporate look and boost brand image. The scarf features a lightweight cotton material and a fringe, adding elegance and style. Since the scarf can be an everyday item, consider playing around with color to brighten neutral work uniforms. Employees can wear scarves with jackets, T-shirts, dresses, and quilted vests.

Check out the Custom Embroidered Knit Winter Scarf with Fringe.

6. Carhartt Midweight Full-Zip Hooded Sweatshirt

The Carhartt Midweight Full-Zip Hooded Sweatshirt is a great uniform for workers during the colder seasons. The item features polyethylene and cotton blend materials and a hood with a drawcord closure. Workers can also keep warm with the front-hand warmer pockets. Given its versatility and practicality, the item also makes it easier for workers to layer other clothing.

Check out the Carhartt Midweight Full-Zip Hooded Sweatshirt.

7. Perforated Back Embroidered Performance Cap

Ideal for diverse sectors, the Perforated Back Embroidered Performance Cap is a fantastic pick for work uniform ideas. The item features a UV coating, hook-and-loop closure, and moisture-wicking capabilities. The Perforated Back Embroidered Performance Cap provides high brand visibility for any individual who comes into contact with the employee. In addition, the caps work well with other clothing, from T-shirts to overalls to dresses. Employees can also wear their caps outside work for protection against the sun or as an accessory.

Check out the Perforated Back Embroidered Performance Cap.

8. Embroidery Logo Red Kap Slash Pocket Jacket

Brands searching for types of work uniforms for industrial workers could consider the Embroidery Logo Red Kap Slash Pocket Jacket. The item features an impressive sturdy construction, making it a great choice for any work environment. The jackets have two lower slash pockets and utility pockets on the left side. In addition, the adjustable waist tabs ensure optimal comfort for employees.

Check out the Embroidery Logo Red Kap Slash Pocket Jacket.

9. Hard Enamel Pins

The Hard Enamel Pins top the list of ways to spice up office uniforms. The pins feature a durable metal base, an ancient artistry technique, and a glossy finish. Brands can imprint employees’ names, departments, or ranks. Given the durability, brands do not have to worry about constant replacements. The pins are also an inexpensive and creative way of adding personality to uniforms and outfits.

Check out the Hard Enamel Pins.

10. Columbia Gate Racer Softshell Jacket

Featuring a durable, water-resistant, and windproof material, the Columbia Gate Racer Softshell Jacket is a top choice of uniform for employees in cooler seasons. The attire has practical features, such as an adjustable hood with a chin guard, zippered waist pockets, and a zippered chest pocket. The jacket is also breathable, making it a great outfit to enhance comfort when working. In addition, the Columbia Gate Racer Softshell Jacket is easy to layer with other clothing.

Check out the Columbia Gate Racer Softshell Jacket.

11. Portwest Contrast Trousers

If you are looking for subtle-contrast work uniforms, then the Portwest Contrast Trousers are a great option. The unisex trousers are practical and stylish and come with a variety of useful features. For instance, workers will love the easily adjustable pockets, including the mobile phone, knee pad, and thigh pockets.

Check out the Portwest Contrast Trousers.

12. Speckled Custom Logo Knit Beanie Winter Hat

Businesses searching for interesting corporate uniform ideas will love the Speckled Custom Logo Knit Beanie Winter Hat. Perfect for colder months and outdoor work assignments, the beanie hats feature a speckled pattern for contrast and a folded cuff. This item makes a practical workplace accessory for employees during winter. In addition, the Speckled Custom Logo Knit Beanie Winter Hat has a comfy fit, making it an interesting addition to casual office wear.

Check out the Speckled Custom Logo Knit Beanie Winter Hat.

13. ANSI Class E Mesh Pants by CROWN

The ANSI Class E Mesh Pants by CROWN are a must have for businesses in high-risk industries. The high-visibility clothing enhances workers’ safety, thus increasing productivity and countering accidents. The trousers have several practical features, including reflective taping, a lower cargo pocket, and extended leg openings. Users will also love the elastic waistband and the generous fit.

Check out the ANSI Class E Mesh Pants by CROWN.

14. Women’s Industrial Work Shirt

Featuring Touchtex technology, the Women’s Industrial Work Shirt is a great uniform for individuals in diverse industries. The shirts have a comfortable fit and different color options. The work shirt also has a pocket pencil stall and a sweat-wicking finish. In addition, the Touchtex technology fabric ensures durability and conceals stains easily, making the shirt a great option for food-service sectors.

Check out the Women’s Industrial Work Shirt.

15. Red Kap Logo Embroidered Long Sleeve Mimix Work Shirt

The Red Kap Logo Embroidered Long Sleeve Mimix Work Shirt is a great addition for businesses searching for corporate uniform ideas. The clothing enhances a professional look both in the office and outdoors for official duties. The long sleeve keeps employees warm, protects users from ultraviolet rays, and shields workers from contact with unappealing elements. Employees can also style the shirts by rolling up the sleeves.

Check out the Red Kap Logo Embroidered Long Sleeve Mimix Work Shirt.

16. Embroidered Duck Quilt-Lined Zip-To-Thigh Bib Overalls

The Embroidered Duck Quilt-Lined Zip-To-Thigh Bib Overalls are handy work uniforms for protecting workers against workplace hazards. The clothing has a double-lining quilt to keep users warm. Other practical features include adjustable elastic suspenders with reliable clasps. The bib overalls also have a zippered closure, hammer loops, and double-knee foot construction. The overalls serve as a marketing medium while also protecting workers against thermal and electrical effects.

Check out the Embroidered Duck Quilt-Lined Zip-To-Thigh Bib Overalls.

17. Customized Carhartt Adjustable Fitted Gaiter with Filter Pocket

The Customized Carhartt Adjustable Fitted Gaiter with Filter Pocket is one of the best ways to spice up your work uniform. Individuals can wear the clothing on hot or cold days to protect their necks and faces. The item features a breathable design and a double-layer pocket at the mouse and nose for users who want to add a filter. The piece of clothing also has a flexible locking cord for easy adjustments. The neck gaiter is a clever uniform addition for workplaces that require workers to wear face masks.

Check out the Customized Carhartt Adjustable Fitted Gaiter with Filter Pocket.

18. Steelite Safety Clog

Designed for optimal comfort and safety, the Steelite Safety Clog is a great uniform choice for workers in the healthcare and food-service industries. The safety cogs feature a slip-resistant material, a padded color, and a stylish and minimal design. As a result, the footwear prevents accidents such as slips in busy and hazardous work environments.

Check out the Steelite Safety Clog.

19. Unisex Custom Logo Tone on Tone Tie

Wearing the Unisex Custom Logo Tone on Tone Tie to work gives off a professional look with minimal effort. The attire features a stain-resistant material and comes in a standard length of 58 inches. While the accessory is relatively small, the item can increase recognition for workers in a crowd, boosting employee-customer interactions. Depending on the level of professionalism in your office, you could let employees play around with different necktie knots.

Check out the Unisex Custom Logo Tone on Tone Tie.

20. Custom Scrunchies

Brands searching for subtle types of office uniforms could consider the Custom Scrunchies. Featuring high-quality materials, the item holds hair better than other ties and can also work as a wrist accessory. However, consider having the scrunchie as an optional piece or an add-on to other types of work uniforms.

Check out these Custom Scrunchies.

21. Interlock Cardigan Custom Sweater

The Interlock Cardigan Custom Sweater is a fashionable attire workers will love as their work uniform. The classic clothing features raglan sleeves, side pockets, and a relaxed shawl, making it perfect for the cooler seasons. Workers can also layer other clothes or dress up or down as needed. The Interlock Cardigan Custom Sweater is also comfortable and ideal for professional or casual work settings.

Check out the Interlock Cardigan Custom Sweater.

22. Unisex Sweater Vest

The Unisex Sweater Vest is a versatile work uniform that appeals to workers in diverse economic sectors. The sleeveless vest doubles as a functional and stylish work uniform. The vest also blurs the line between casual and formal office wear, which can be appealing to employees. Workers can also use the item to layer on other attire, especially in the colder seasons. For example, you could let employees wear the sweater vest with pants, skirts, dresses, or over a shirt.

Check out the Unisex Sweater Vest.

23. Waterproof Jacket and Trouser Set

If you are searching for office uniform ideas for workers in outdoor environments or during cooler seasons, then you can consider the Waterproof Jacket and Trouser Set. The wind-resistant clothing allows workers to concentrate on tasks even with chilly winds. Another notable feature is the breathability, which lets workers layer on clothing. This attire will ensure employees stay dry, warm, and comfortable, making them more productive.

Check out the Waterproof Jacket and Trouser Set.

24. Hardy Safety Trainer

Depending on your industry, you could consider the Hardy Safety Trainer as an addition to your work uniform. The item features a durable, breathable, and lightweight material. Users will also love the eye-catching low-cut sports design and the moisture-wicking capabilities. This footwear can help protect workers’ feet from occupational hazards, such as slipping, sharp objects, and electrical dangers.

Check out the Hardy Safety Trainer.


Workplace uniforms are a staple in some industries, such as healthcare, manufacturing, and food service. However, businesses outside these sectors could also adopt the use of uniforms. These pieces of clothing can provide more business opportunities since customers easily identify workers. Uniforms can also serve as a walking advertisement, especially with the right choice of style, color, and logo placement. Work uniforms can also promote a professional and cohesive look that reflects an organization’s values and foster a positive image of a brand. You can check out our list of work uniform varieties and select choices that appeal to your teams, brand, and industry.

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FAQ: Work uniform ideas

Here are answers to common questions about work uniform ideas.

What are some good ideas for work uniforms?

Work uniforms offer many benefits to employees and entities. For instance, uniforms foster unity among workers, creating a team spirit within a company. Workplace uniforms can also make management teams more approachable.

Businesses can make work uniforms more appealing with unique designs, accessories, and decorations. Some good ideas for work uniforms include the Customized Carhartt Adjustable Fitted Gaiter with Filter Pocket, the Unisex Sweater Vest, and the Hard Enamel Pins.

What is the purpose of uniforms at work?

Uniforms at work serve more purposes beyond marketing a brand and employee protection.

Here are some of the most important purposes of uniforms:

  • Branding and marketing: Uniforms can help to establish a consistent brand image and make it easier for customers to identify employees. This clothing can also be a marketing tool by displaying a company logo or slogan.
  • Professionalism: Uniforms can create a sense of professionalism and unity among employees. By wearing a uniform, employees can feel part of a team and take pride in their work.
  • Safety: Certain jobs require specific types of uniforms for safety purposes. For example, construction workers may wear high-visibility uniforms to increase visibility and prevent accidents.
  • Hygiene: Uniforms maintain hygiene standards in some industries. For instance, healthcare professionals wear scrubs to minimize the spread of germs.
  • Security: Uniforms can be a security measure to ensure only specific personnel have access to certain areas.

Workplace uniforms can propel a brand to greater heights. However, poor uniform designs can hinder the performance of teams. Thus, we encourage companies to have practical workplace uniforms.

How do you make work uniforms more stylish?

While the first consideration in selecting work uniforms is functionality and ease of branding, businesses could also offer workers stylish pieces. This process can be fun, easy, and cost-effective.

Here are some tips to make work uniforms more stylish:

  • Choose the right fit: Ensure that uniforms fit correctly and flatter different body types. Consider modern styles like slim-fit or tailored options to create a more contemporary look.
  • Add a pop of color: While you want to retain your brand colors, consider incorporating colorful elements into uniforms. For instance, you could add bright accessories, such as scarves or ties, to make the uniform more eye-catching.
    Incorporate trendy elements: Integrate fashionable design elements like textured fabrics or unique closures to create a more stylish look.
  • Add unique details: Add elements such as embroidery or custom patches to create a more personalized look showcasing your brand.
  • Accessorize: Accessories such as jewelry, watches, or hats can create a more fashionable look.
  • Consider layering and mixing up styles: For instance, layering a uniform with a blazer or cardigan can add style and dimension to the uniform while still maintaining a professional appearance.
  • Choose quality materials: Use high-quality materials that look and feel good. For instance, wrinkle-resistant fabrics can create a modern look that is both stylish and functional.
  • Consider fun dressing days: If your employees wear uniforms daily, then you could let teams wear casual fits rather than their usual attire on specific days. For instance, workers could wear a T-shirt with a funny slogan on Fridays or pair up their uniforms with accessories of their choice.

The key is finding the right balance between functionality and fashion to create a look that employees wear proudly.

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