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18 Top Marketing Gift Ideas to Promote Your Brand

Here is our list of the best marketing gift ideas. Marketing gift ideas are promotional items and custom merchandise businesses give their clients and employees. These gifts can boost your brand recognition and make your recipients feel special. Examples include custom PopGrips, sprout pencils, and Mano’s custom wine bottle. The purpose of these gifts is […]

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20 Best Swag Gift Ideas for Your Customers and Coworkers

Here is our list of the best swag gift ideas. Swag gift ideas are branded items businesses give employees and clients to promote their companies. Examples include the Sheep Stress Ball, Roody’s Swag Gift Box, and Seed Paper Journals. The purpose of these gifts is to show gratitude to the recipients while increasing the company’s […]

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17 Top Corporate Gifting Software Sites

Here is our list of the best corporate gifting software. Corporate gifting software is a platform featuring tools and online services that make corporate gifting hassle-free for companies. Examples include Knack, GIFTforward, and Givenly. The purpose of the software is to facilitate gift-sending processes for both the sender and recipients. Corporate gifting software is similar […]

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14 Best Swag Automation Tools

Here is a list of our best swag automation tools. Swag automation tools are software services that streamline creating and managing promotional merch. Examples include Alyce, Printfection, and SwapUp. The purpose of these services is to assist businesses in automating and distributing branded products for their marketing campaigns to improve customer relationships. Swag automation tools […]

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25 Best Small Business Promotional Items

You found our list of the best small business promotional items. Small business promotional items are giveaways or products bearing the company’s name, logo, or slogan given at corporate events. These items include Chroma LED Keyrings, Custom Rapid Wristbands, and Business Card Magnets. Small business promotional items are part of a marketing strategy to create […]

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23 Top Corporate Giveaway Ideas for Companies in 2023

Here is our list of corporate giveaway ideas. Corporate giveaway ideas are promotional items companies give clients to express appreciation and build relationships. These items include Micro Flip USB Business Cards, Flashbay Bluetooth Speakers, Hello Print Photo Chocolates, and IStand Phone Holders. The purpose of corporate giveaway items is to promote brand awareness and boost […]

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30 Best Swag Ideas for Customers

Here is our list of swag ideas for customers. Swag ideas for customers are branded products that companies give to clientele to thank them for patronizing their brand. Examples include a Custom Hardcover Notebook, Solid Maple Wood Heart Keychain, and a Lagom Stainless Water Bottle. These swag products boost brand visibility and make the customers […]

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28 Promotional Giveaways Ideas for Businesses in 2023

Here is our list of the best promotional giveaways ideas. Promotional giveaways ideas are items companies offer to clients to market the business’s brand, service, or product. These items are usually sold at low or zero cost and are primarily a marketing tool. Examples include Imprint Mini Humidifiers, Shoreline Beach Towels, Laurel Monogrammed Dishcloths, and […]

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19 Best Employee Appreciation Ideas to Raise Retention

Here is our list of the best employee appreciation ideas. Employee appreciation ideas are ways employers can recognize and appreciate employees’ hard work. Examples include hosting a company-wide celebration or offering extra time off. Employees who feel recognized are six times more likely to stay at their job. These employee appreciation ideas aim to improve employee […]

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19 Best Holiday Swag Ideas for Seasonal Gifting

Here is our list of the best holiday swag ideas. Holiday swag ideas are promotional or free items that corporate firms give to employees and customers as part of a marketing campaign or during holiday celebrations. Examples include Wreath Christmas Ornaments by Ornament Shop, Hot Cocoa Kits by Everything Branded, and Customized T-Shirts by Printify. […]

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